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2017 Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise

No description

David Boucher

on 9 April 2018

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Transcript of 2017 Winter Weather Tabletop Exercise

2017 Lancaster County EMA
Winter Weather
Tabletop Exercise/Workshop

Module 1- Snow Storm
Module 2- Ice Storm
Module 3- Recovery
Player Briefing
1:00pm Player Briefing

10:15am Module 1: Snow Storm

10:45am Module 2: Ice Storm

11:15am Module 3: Recovery

11:45am Hot Wash 

12:00pm Wrap Up and Adjournment

The purpose of this exercise is to bring together the appropriate agencies and organizations to discuss the coordinated response to a winter weather event in Lancaster County.

This exercise gives participants an opportunity to evaluate current response concepts, plans, and capabilities of their respective department.

This exercise will identify strengths and possible areas for improvement that can be used for improvement planning.

Exercise Structure
Three distinct modules:
Snow Storm
Ice Storm

Functional group discussion after each module:
Policy Group/EOC Manager
Outside Agencies/Organizations
Exercise Guidelines
This exercise is intended to provide an open, low-stress, no-fault environment.

Responses should be based on current capabilities, plans, and assets.

Consider different approaches and suggest improvements to current resources, plans, and training.

The Situation Manual can be used as a guide through the scenarios.

Assumptions and Artificialities
All participants receive information at the same time, although responses will differ based on functional groups.

Participants should assume that all jurisdictions are implementing their current plans, policies, and procedures.

Time and location are dependent on the exercise.

Tuesday, February 2
It is a bright, snowy day in February.

After several small snow storms, there is over a foot of accumulated snow on the ground.

The National Weather Service is calling for a snowstorm to dump an additional 8-12 inches in Lancaster County later in the week.

Thursday, February 4
The snow forecast has been updated to reflect that 12+ inches is expected from the storm.

The Emergency Operations Center will be staffed starting Friday to monitor the storm as it arrives.

Many schools have been canceled for Friday due to the storm.

Breakout Session
Breakout Session
Hot Wash
The snow begins shortly before daybreak and continues all day.

The Emergency Operations Center is staffed with the needed ESF positions.

Municipal EMAs are polled to see if they intend to activate.

Snow rates of 1 to 2 inches per hour have been reported along with thunder.

Seven municipalities have snow emergencies in place and 10 have declared disaster emergencies.

Lancaster County has declared a disaster emergency and county government is closed today except for 24 hour departments.

PennDOT and municipal crews are working to clear roadways.

Only 132 PPL customer power outages have been reported.

The snow is expected to taper off overnight and into Sunday morning.

The snow totals from the storm range from 13-15 inches across Lancaster County.

The Emergency Operations Center will demobilize Saturday evening with a skeleton crew monitoring overnight conditions.

Many schools have decided to remain closed for Monday and Tuesday.

The National Weather Service is calling for an icing condition for Tuesday afternoon into Wednesday.

The Emergency Operations Center will be activated again starting Tuesday morning.

The Lancaster County Commissioners have extended the previous disaster declaration to include this ice storm.

Freezing rain and sleet will fall from noon today into the mid morning on Wednesday.

Ice accretions on trees and other surfaces will reach close to a half of an inch and perhaps more in spots.

Thick ice accumulations on snow covered trees have the potential for causing widespread power outages.

PPL reports 46,268 customers are without service.

Local warming stations have been opened by Municipal EMAs.

A shelter has been requested for the metro Lancaster City area where customers without power can go to stay warm overnight.

Due to an accident involving four tractor trailers, Route 283 at Route 30 has been closed in Manheim Township.

Twelve municipalities have either extended their declarations, or have declared a disaster emergency.

Many schools have been canceled for Wednesday due to the icy roads.

The PA National Guard has called to offer assistance if needed.

PPL customers without power is down to 34,280 with additional crews working throughout the day.

The freezing rain has let up and warmer temperatures are expected through the evening hours.

The warmer temperature has melted most of the ice on the roadways.

Schools are reopening after almost a week without classes.

There are still a few residents in shelters due to power outages.

The Emergency Operations Center is deactivated.

Many municipal EMAs have also closed down their EOCs.

The number of customers without power is falling rapidly since crews can continue working in daylight hours.

Friday, February 5
Friday, February 5
Saturday, February 6
Saturday, February 6
Monday, February 8
Tuesday, February 9
Tuesday, February 9
Wednesday, February 10
Wednesday, February 10
Thursday, February 11
Thursday, February 11
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