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Sao Tome Presentation

To introduce the country Sao Tome & Principe

Sole Ferreira

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Sao Tome Presentation

Democratic Republic of Sao Tome and Principe By: Aithysa Ramos Tatiana Alvim Tatiana Nazare Soledad Ferreira Sao tome and Principe is a country where African sounds mix with European and Latinos instruments, which result in mestizaje as seen with the people.
With such mixtures several styles of music and dances have emerged.
We are a very festive people who really love dance.
From the most traditional and old dances to the more recent dances. Dances and festivals 1.Ussua 2.Puita Is usually danced after the death of a relative.One of the most popular dances in the country. 3.Dexa – typical from principe Djambi- dance of the spirits. 4.Kizomba 5.Kuduro Communication Style Places to go Quiz Food: Sports Geography: Massacre de Batepá: Independency day: July 12, 1975 Language:
Lunguie Portuguese English

Olá Hello

Como estas? How are you?

Obrigado Thank You

Como te chamas? What’s you name?

Chamo-me ‘Ana’ My name is Ana Religion Politic
President: Economy Fruits: Fried Banana Calulu Sap-Sap Cajamanga Tourism Cacau Petroleum Fishery Canoeing Basketball Beach Volleyball Cycling Soccer (The most popular in Sao Tome and Principe) Athletics Taekwondo Capoeira Flag & Emblem Languages: Portuguese
Lunguie 77,5% Christians 77,5% Christians 19,4%
not religions 3,1% other religions 1. What is the date of Sao Tome Independence?

2. Give the name of two dialects

3. Currently what kind of music teenagers dance?

4. What is the mean of the two stars in the flag? Obrigada
Thank you Bombom Islet Fish with bread fruit Most famous beaches Mouth of hell Catholic Church President's Palace National Museum Market Obrigada!
Thank you! Handcraft National Library Untue 6.Patronal festivities (every month we have)

7.Festival gravana
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