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Sketching technique and creativity

Mårten Angner on using hand drawn sketches as a communication tool for presenting creative ideas and creative concepts!

Mårten Angner

on 26 January 2012

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Transcript of Sketching technique and creativity

All designers work in basically the same way Successful designers seems to put more emphasis on low tech conceptual sketches In 2008, designers and software engineers were questioned about their design methods What set the most successful apart was how they were using hand drawn sketches They spent more time thinking collectively before detailing design and inviting the client to the process Utilizing the power of hand drawn sketches seems to be the single most significant success factor in mastering the design process What do we need to understand a new creative concept? Scenario
Slide show
Interactive Description Experience Visualisation A graphic view of each aspect of the concept
Page or view point Low tech vs. High tech Computer generated Draws attention to detail and finish
Slow and demand preparation
Exact and specific
Can be made interactive
Can visualize the end result Hand drawn Focuses on ideas, meaning and principles
Fast and cheap
Visual communication
Avoid getting stuck in detailes Challenges! Learn how to sketch in front of others
Allow yourself to practice you drawing skills
Invite your clients to think and draw with you
Avoid rushing to the computer to soon
Keep the sketches flowing! An explanation of the visualisations
References Participation We easily understand concepts we have been active in creating! Drawing on tablets? iPads, wacom and other tablets have few advantages that simple paper sketches has as an instant communication tool!
Balsamiq and other design applications with a sketching theme do not replace hand drawn sketches as a communication tool
It is an excellent computer based wireframing tool and is best used to detail the solution Framing Line Box Circle Arrow Text Shadows & depth Interactive
form objects Tips and tricks... Drawing Ordinary A4 sheets of paper and a clip board is more interactive than a sketch pad
Draw only one page or logical view on each paper
Use ink as it is easier to scan Cheating Correction tape is Ctrl-Z in the real world
Draw framing and make copies
Cut and paste
Retouch in photoshop Storyboarding Different
results Dynamic interaction Create scenario based interactive specification Suggestive search Browse printer Search result Browse printer family Printer page Start page Whiteboardshare for iPhone and Android Story board Visualizing each step of a concept
Each frame is explained breifly
Experience by following each frame Layout Physical objects
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