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Membership & Subscription in the Arts

Still viable strategies?

Deborah Obalil

on 25 May 2012

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Transcript of Membership & Subscription in the Arts

Three real world case studies...
What do you do that inspires loyalty?
Belief in the mission
Tangible benefits
Equates to three key types of loyalty programs
Membership & Subscription
not the same
often utilized more for financial reasons than engagement
both can inspire (or fail to inspire) loyalty
Don't guess - ask!
Your Own Membership
From food to art
the dots. . .

Reasons to be loyal...
Back to Basics
Laura Zabel
Executive Director
Springboard for the Arts
Memberships &

Are they still viable strategies for developing loyalty in the arts?
Kristen Denner
Director of Membership
Whitney Museum of American Art
Membership & Mission?
Mayumi Tsutakawa
Board Member
The Association of American Cultures
In the eye of the beholder
Look to other industries for models
Match mission and structure
Don't get caught in "we've always done it this way"
Deborah Obalil
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