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Dermatology lecture 2011

overview of dermatology as pertains to Emergency Medicine

mark thomas

on 20 September 2010

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Transcript of Dermatology lecture 2011

epidermis dermis subcutaneous tissue inflammation=erythema edema=papular death/separation/exudate=vesicular hypertrophy/desquamation=papulosquamous hemorrhage=pupuric HPI exposures meds foods chemicals insects pattern dermatomal: zoster in a row: flea, bedbug grouped vesicles: herpes annular sun exposed:phototoxic drugs, lupus localized/streaks: contact dermatitis scalp seborrheic dermatitis folliculitis psoriasis pediculosis face acne seborrhea rosacea lupus eyelids seborrhea atopic eczema dermatomyositis neck atopic eczema contact dermatitis lichen simplex chronicus trunk drug eruption pityriasis rosea psoriasis secondary syphillis tinea versicolor extensor areas psoriasis eruptive xanthoma flexoral areas atopic dermatitis candidiasis intertrigo/ legs erythema nodosum Henoch-Schonlein purpura pyoderma gangrenosum hands/feet rocky mountain spotted fever gonococcemia erythema multiforme secondary syphillis lichen planus contact dermatitis dyshidrotic eczema tinea genitourinary candidiasis herpes STD's scabies pediculosis mucous membrane pemphigus vulgaris Stevens-Johnson syndrome/TEN coxsackie varicella angioedema Kawasaki's scarlet fever lichen planus drug reaction patterns maculopapular: antibx, nsaids exfoliative erythroderma: antibx, antiepileptics urticaria: antibx, nsaids SJS/TEN: antibx(sulfa, amox), nsaids, antiepileptics serum sickness: antibx leukocytoclastic vasculitis: antibx photosensitive: tcns, quinolones fixed drug eruptions: tcn, bactrim drug induced lupus: procainamide, hydralazine steroids skin lesions macule papule maculopapular morbilliform plaque nodule wheal vesicle bullae herpetiform pustule scale papulosquamous crust petechiae pupura vasculitis fissure lichenification erythroderma high potency mild potency medium potency ultra high potency bv chlamydia LGV gc hpv PID syphillis trich
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