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Social Thinking Tree

Tree visual regarding skill development

Rachel Subchyshyn

on 26 January 2013

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Transcript of Social Thinking Tree

Roots of Social Learning Branches Leaves Trunk

I: Initiation of Communication
L: Listening with eyes and brain
A: Abstracting and Inferencing
U: Understanding perspective
G: Gestalt processing (Big Picture Thinking)
H: Humour and human relatedness The roots of the social learning tree grow with neurological capacity. Social Learning Tree Each branch represents the diverse range of concepts/skills that emerge from the trunk's core conceptual development. Some examples:
Reading comprehension
Playing with peers
Written expression
Conversational skills
Working in a group The leaves represent all of the specific skills associated with each branch.
Peer Branch:
Being friendly
Following the rules
Written Comprehension Branch:
Understanding character motives
Sort out details and facts
Summarizing Joint Attention: Shared Intention and shared Attention
Executive Functioning
Central Coherence
Theory of Mind (Seeing another perspective)
Emotional recognition and reciprocity Social Thinking Curriculum
ALERT Program: How Does Your Engine Run?
Video Modelling Roots Neurological Capacities Programming and Intervention
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