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GWA Tour

No description

Anna Kohn

on 25 March 2013

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Transcript of GWA Tour

By:Anna Kohn Student at GWA Welcome to Gems World Academy This the School Main Reception Gems World Academy is a school which follows the International Baccalaureate Curriculum. It offers the IB Diploma in grades 11 and 12. The school grades starts at KG1 up to Grade 12.
Primary School - PYP - Primary Year Program
Middle School - MYP - Middle Year Program
Grades 11-12 - IB DP Secondary Reception Pictures of classes Arts Department The Art Room ICT Labs DT Labs Library Cafeteria + Daily Menu Facilities Thank you for watching Location Al Barsha 3
Street 62 Secondary Block Outdoor Excitement Field Playground Tennis Court Basketball Court Track Skateboard Park Pool Indoor Sport Facilities Gym PE Hall Basic Information Head of School
Dan.E.Young Secondary School Principal
Andy.Roberts Assistant Secondary School Principal
Kevin Thomas -Arlene Samia -Kathy Pisupati Secondary Block Here you can collect late slips if you are late, and you can ask for help when you need it. Music Department Drama Art THE ARTS This is a rough idea of how your classes are going to look like. Subjects:
Arabic Drama/Music/ICT
Languages The library is a place where you can read a book in peace and quiet. This library has a huge variety of books of books to choose from, once you've picked out a book you can check it out and bring it home, to read!! The Auditorium This hall is used for many events. Such as assemblies, theater, show cases, Enrichment or presentations. You'll find yourself in here more often that you expect. Menu
-Pasta - Red or White Sauce
-Panini - cheese/chicken and cheese
-Hot Dog
-Warm Meals - Mashed Potatoes, chicken, lasagne etc. During the school year you will have two terms of ICT, each with a different teacher. These are just a few pictures of the Design Technology Labs. These are used for making different objects and projects.
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