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Practical Presentation

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muhd izzudin

on 28 May 2013

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Transcript of Practical Presentation

Head of ICT Unit - Tong Wee Yeaw
Information Technology Officer 1 - Mohd Nasir bin Hassan (supervisor)
Information Technology Officer 2 - Nurul Salwa bt Abdul Muluk
Assistant Information Technology Officer 1 - Mohd Nor bin Sirat
Assistant Information Technology Officer 2 - Masitah bt Yaakub
Assistant Information Technology Officer 3 - Marlina bt Abu Bakar
Computer Technician:
Mohd Nazri bin Mohd Jee
Mohd Zaihan bin Othman
Mazrul Azren bin Mazehan
Khairul Ariffin bin Muhammad Muhyiddin
Noraini bt Abdul Wahab
Mohd Nazarie bin Samun Conclusion Introduction Problem Statement
Printer have no connection with lecturer computer
Lecturer computer have no printer software

Specification Task
Make a cable by using RJ45 and cable
Install Printer Software in computer When i was involved in networking field,i know how the connection occur.Besides i know how to change switches and how to solve the error connection.However,i need to study more about networking and try to learn about server connection.Besides that,i know how to change hardware in PC when i did a maintainance PC.Finally i got my major field when i continue my study in degree soon.BITC will be my first choice to continue my networking field. (UICT)
Information and Communication Technology Unit Network Printer My Work or Project Faculty of Information and Communication Technology

Practical at Politeknik Merlimau
Melaka Prepared by: Muhammad Izzudin bin Rozali
S2G2 / Group 4 Politeknik Merlimau
Melaka Merlimau Polytechnic is a polytechnic 14th set up by the Ministry of Education. It is located in Jasin, Merlimau 2 miles from town, 24 km from Malacca city and 19 km from the city Jasin. Polytechnics started operating on 17 November 2002 and has begun to take student pilot at the second session of 2002, December 23, 2002. Polytechnic has a maximum capacity of 5060 students. PMM is now fully operational, and become one of the critical nucleus to Merlimau. Information and Communication
Technology Unit (UICT) Tools Puller Crimping Cutter Cable Stripper Cable Tester Cable Tools RJ45 RJ45
Jack Cable Rubber
Cover Type of Cable Use Straight Cable RJ45 Jack (Type B) left : chocolate,white chocolate
green,white green
right : orange,white orange
blue,white blue Switch from 24 ports to 48 ports Before After extreme switch
24 ports extreme switch
48 ports My Experience
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