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Flipping Coins

No description

Scarlett Humphreys

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of Flipping Coins

Materials Used
Job Descriptions
Seyna Anderson:
Forensic Biologist- works with evidence from a crime scene, specifically DNA-related

Jason Chlopek:
Forensic Chemist-Tests any chemical compounds or other substances found at the scene of a crime. Following in his dad's footsteps after passing away three years ago, Jason knew Forensic Chemists was his best option in careers

Scarlett Humphreys:
Computer Forensic Investigator-Search computers for electronic records and recover deleted files

Jordan Barnes:
Crime Scene Photographer- Takes photos and videos of the evidence at the crime scenes

Jessica Guerrero:
Crime Scene Photographer-Takes photos and videos of the evidence at the crime scenes (bad cop)

Samantha Westerling:
Forensic Artist-Produce art-related work that may help solve a case such as sketches of suspects (good cop)
A Case of Non- "Cents"


· Vernier computer interface

· Logger Pro

· Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor

Steps Taken

The overall purpose of the case is to try to identify if the coins given to the coin collector are fake. Coins made in 1982 were made from 95% copper and 5% zinc. To come to a plausible conclusion we first had to figure out if the density of the given coin matched that of that era or one from a more recent one. We did this using a Vernier Dual-Range Force Sensor, that could take measurements from the cup of pennies hanging from it. This sensor gave us the data that was needed to determine that the pennies given to the coin collector were fake and just modern re-stamped pennies that can be found anywhere. A computer program, Logger-Pro, then graphed the data and gave the slope based from the newtons gathered from the test pennies. Our conclusion was then taken that the pennies were indeed a fraud and from the weight and density tests done we can determine that the pennies brought in by
Zeus Duncan
were dated after 1982.
Flipping Coins
Case File #4
Scarlett Humphreys, Sam Westerling, Jessica Guerrero, Jason Chlopek, Jordan Barnes, Seyna Anderson

Overview of Crime

Clark Esposito, an expert coin collector was approached by a man named Zeus Duncan. Zeus later expressed he was offering up a sleeve full of rare pennies from 1877. Clark was suspicious of the coins because when he held them he felt they were too light. Clark then called the police and told them about the potential counterfeit coins. If Clark hadn't noticed the light weight of the pennies he would've paid tens of thousands of dollars for the fakes. This is not some silly investigation where all you have to do is hide behind signs and solve the mystery. Now it's our job to find out if these pennies are truly the 1877 pennies Zeus claims them to be...
#1: Following in the Father's footsteps... happens a lot in Hollywood movies
#2: Bad Cop... Jessica always gets the answers out of 'em
#3: Good Cop... Are you thirsty? Want some water?
#4: Chin Stroking
#5: Bad Pun... A Case of Non- "Cents"
#6: This is not some silly investigation where all you have to do is hide behind signs and solve the mystery... the Police are always hiding behind signs, like that would help keep them camouflaged in Hollywood
#7: Cheetos for the munchies... food and DNA should never be in the same room
#8: took a break and dunked donuts into coffee
#9: A Pair of Detective Sunglasses... way to try to be cool
#10:Tazer happy
#11: "Split up and look for clues" ...poor Shaggy and Scooby, they are always the ones that find the bad guy
· heavy tape

Cheetos for the munchies

· 3 small plastic cup

· String
Setting up our sensor to a table, we put groups of 5, 10, 15, and 20 pennies into a cup hanging from a hook on the sensor. We collected the weight of each group of pennies on a graph and recorded our results. The density in Newtons helped us to come to our conclusion. But, we had to make sure to take a break and eat donuts in between the assignment.
· 60 pennies dated 1963 to after 1982
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