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Irrigation System in third world countries

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Keerthi Kodees

on 1 November 2014

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Transcript of Irrigation System in third world countries

Solar Power Irrigation System
Third world countries such as Malawi, Ethiopia and Uganda are in immediate need of help and attention. They are vulnerable because of the lack of potable water due to climate change. Unfortunately, this deficiency affects the agricultural potential of those countries.
Our aim is to offer help so they can become a self-sufficient region to provide for themselves a wide range of resources.
-social and economic development are directly related to the agriculture sector of the country
-In general, more than 60% of the population are dependent of agriculture for basic survival needs
-Dehydration, heat stroke and heat rashes are some physical examples
-There is a big demand for help in countries of Africa
Why focus on drought?
Create a non-profit organization of students in the city of Montreal to gather and help construct solar-powered irrigation system. Solar energy is the most abundant source of energy in the world so why not make use of this free energy?

By: Keerthana Kodeeswaran
Anne-Gaelle Pilorge

How it works...
Pros and Cons
~Ease of installation
of solar panels
~Use of solar energy
~Reusable energy
~Will meet the demands
of the harshest
~Basic knowledge to be learned
Cost estimation of solar pump
In order to change from a regular pump to solar one, this is the cost estimation. However, to install a solar-powered irrigation it will cost $18,000 (for 1.24 acres). Also, $5,750/yr for maintenance. Based on some studies, the system can be profitable after 2.3 years.
In order for this project to be successful

-Advertise solar-power irrigation
-Gather students in Engineering (i.e environmental students, marketing, etc.)

Schematic Sketch
The people who used the solar-powered irrigation system became strong net producers of vegetables and earned extra income from sales. It allowed them to increase their purchases of high-protein food and basic foods for dry season

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