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20th Century Inventions

No description

Kim McGill

on 25 March 2011

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Transcript of 20th Century Inventions

Inventions of the
20th Century By Kimberly McGill 1900 1902 1903 1917 1919 1926 1927 1936 1939 1945 Kodak Brownie Camara 1st time photography was cheap and accesable to everyone. 1st step in creating imagery like x-rays. Simple enough for childern to use 1st air conditioner Designed by Alfred Wolff 300 ton system first installed in the NY Stock Exchange used waste-steam-operated refridgeration system First Airplane Wilbur Wright Orville Wright total of 4 flights on first powered airplane Creators best flight had 852ft. off the ground in 52sec. Wisconsin adopted new road naming system highways used to have formal names With the increase in highways, an easier system of naming was needed water wasn't as clean as it was today As a result many people died of waterborne diseases like cholrea, typhoid, hepatitis A, and dysentery. Abel Wolman Water Purification Creates formula to purify water by adding the right amount of sodium hypochlorite to it. First liquid-fuel rocket Robert Goddard experimented using a reaction repulser in a vacuum. calculated that you could send a rocket to the moon. First modern respirator was made out of an iron box and 2 vacuum cleaners first users were polio suffers with chest paralysis pumps raise and lower pressure which causes the chest to go up and down Phillip Drinker First strong, clear plastic polymethyl acrylate was pressed between 2 pieces of glass this kind of plastic is called Plexiglass used in cars, planes, signs and roads First electronic computer called the Atanasoff-Berry computer (ABC) has binary arithmetic and electronic switching wasn't perfect at the time John Atanasoff Clifford Berry First Microwave Percy L. Spencer realizes that the vacuum tube or the magnetron could melt candy, pop corn, and cook an egg first model made was 5.5 ft tall and weighed over 750 lbs. sold for $5,000
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