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The Evolution of Gospel Music

MUL 21111

Andrew Lucas

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of The Evolution of Gospel Music

Golden Age
When was the golden age of gospel?

What was the Golden age of gospel?
World events of golden age & interesting facts
Characterization of the golden age

World war 2.

1940s gospel

Original Music
Urban Gospel had its roots in spirituals sung by southern slaves in the eighteenth and nineteenth century
The Evolution of Gospel Music
The Current State of Gospel Music
1990s - Present
Tramaine Hawkins
John P. Kee
Donnie McClurkin
Yolanda Adams
Kirk Franklin
Stephen Wiley
Sister Rosetta Thrape
who was she?

what did she do?

hit song?
Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi
Who were they?

what did they do?

Hit song
Mahalia Jackson
Who was she?

What did she do?

Hit Songs?
2 Grammys
2 Dove Awards
19 Stellar Awards

3 Dove Awards
8 Stellar Awards

3 Grammys
2 BET Awards
2 Soul Train Music Awards

4 Grammys
4 Dove Awards
3 BET Awards

7 Grammys
13 Dove Awards
15 Stellar Awards

First artist to record a full-length Christian rap album with his 1985 release, Bible Break

1 Grammy
4 Dove Awards
1 Stellar Award

What most people identify as Gospel started about eighty years ago
In 1921, The National Baptist Convention published "Gospel Pearls"
Original Age of Gospel
In the 1930s, the most popular groups were male quartets or small groups such as the Golden Gate Quartets
Thomas Andrew Dorsey
Who was He?
What Did He Do?
He is Famous for the song "Take My Hand,Precious Lord"
Sallie Martin
Who was she?
What did she do?
Proclaimed "As The Mother Of Gospel
I'll Tell it Wherever I Go
Willie Mae Ford-Smith
Who is She?
What did she do?
Mrs. Smith is known to be the first one to introduce the "Song and Sermonette"
What Manner Of A Man Is This?
World Events
Black Renaissance in the 1920s
Mass Choirs
Change In Style
Different Music Influences
Rev. James Cleveland
Edwin Hawkins
Aretha Franklin
Andrae Crouch
Shirley Caesar

The History
Roll Jordan Roll
Examples of Types of Songs Sang
The term "Gospel" existed before World War II, but other terms such as "anthems", "spirituals", and "jubilees" were used more often.
After W.W.II a former blues musician and son of a preacher, Thomas A. Dorsey, converted back to the church and turned his considerable talents to writing religious music.
Thomas A. Dorsey urged his unique style of music be called "Gospel". He wanted to disassociate what he felt was a modern style of black religious music from the days of slavery and the distasteful nostalgia of antebellum South.
How Gospel got its name...
Religious Songs http://www.pbs.org/wnet/slavery/experience/education/feature5.html
Work Songs http://www.pbs.org/wnet/slavery/experience/education/feature7.html
Recreational Songs http://www.pbs.org/wnet/slavery/experience/education/feature11.html
The Gospel music of today, also often referred to as Urban/Contemporary Gospel, derives its unique sound and delivery primarily from traditional black gospel music with strong influence from many forms of secular pop music, Hip-Hop and R&B.
New Era of Gospel
The Gospel music of today is characterized by dominant vocals, usually performed by a soloist

Common instruments include drums, electric guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards

Compared to the praise and worship music of past eras, the Gospel music of today typically has a faster tempo and more emphasis on the performer
The Sound
The gospel market is larger than ever with popular artists selling millions of albums

Compared to traditional black music, whose sales are steady, Urban/Contemporary Gospel sales are rising, as a result of more significant marketing efforts
Sales & Marketing
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