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Kelp Forests (E. Science)

No description

Samuel Tucker

on 9 April 2013

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Transcript of Kelp Forests (E. Science)

Kelp Forests An area underwater with a high density of kelp,
they are found in cool shallow open coastal waters up to 2-30m deep. Kelp doesn't do well in warm waters, as can be seen during California's summer season.

Kelp forests are also found close to shores similiar to Coral Reefs. The temperatures in Kelp Forests range from 5 Degrees Celsius - 20 Degress Celsius
(42-72 Fahrenheit)

The average depth of Kelp Forests go from 14-40M down and are restricted to shallow water

The salinity in Kelp Forests are high because the temperature of the water is cold

Light Availbaility: Light is available because of the shallow water. Biotic Factors Abiotic Factors Facts - In ideal conditions, some kelp can grow up to two feet a day
- Kelp can range from cells to 100-foot tall giant kelp
- Kelp is used in ice cream, toothpaste and cereals
-Kelp uses its Gas Bladders to keep their leaves/blades high enough to photosynthesize
-Kelp attaches to rock with their roots (called holdfasts). By:
Kent T.
Pablo T.
Samuel T. What is a Kelp Forest? Adaptations Some special features or adaptations that Kelp Forest plants and animals have developed are;
- Kelp can change the shape of their blades to local conditions
- Kelp has an adaptation called Holdfasts, which attaches to rocks (much like roots), that keep it from floating away in a strong current.
- Decorator Crabs can camouflage themselves by picking up pieces of plants and even animals to blend in with their suroundings. Human Impact Sea otters are near extinction due to hunting.

Commercial kelp harvesting are potentially the greatest threat to long-term kelp because of how much it is demanded.

Also because of the sea otters being nearly extinct the balance of the food chain has been disrupted Foodweb Some of the animals in a Kelp Forest include: Sea otters, many types of rock fish, sea lions, seals, leopard and horn sharks, crabs, and many more.

The plants in a Kelp Forests include : Kelp, Surf grass, Red Coralline algae, Fauchea. Quiz How fast can kelp grow in one day in ideal environments?

What is the bulbous gas-filled parts of a kelp's leaf is called?

What can kelp be used for? Up to two feet Gas bladders Ice-cream, toothpaste, cereal. The End
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