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The Modern Maiko and Geisha

No description

Hayley Newlin

on 30 November 2017

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Transcript of The Modern Maiko and Geisha

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Hayley Newlin
The Modern Maiko and Geisha
The Early Entertainer
- Emerged in the 7th Century
- The first pleasure houses emerge in the 16th Century
- The first Geishas (men) appear in the 18th Century
The Early Maiko
- No access outside of the house without another sister
- 80,000 in Japan (around 1900)
- Mizuage: The auctioning of virginity
Modern Maiko
- Several months of test training to become a Maiko
- Five years as a Maiko
- Music, song, dance, service
Why do women become Geishas?
- Less makeup, more reliant on skill than beauty
- Not restricted to the rules of the house mother
- May sleep with clients
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