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The respiratory

Structure and function, lung capacity and smoking

Maria Llona

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of The respiratory

The respiratory system structure function Lung capacity smoking The diaphragm: a large sheet of muscle between the abdomen and chest that inflates and deflates to make you breath Nicotine one of the main components of cigarets is a higly addictive drug Tabaco another component in cigarets changes your skin body and weight appearance, Nicottine is 200 times more potent than alchol and 5 times more potent than cocaine or morphine Smoking gives you a reduced ability to smell and taste. If you quit smoking you may get cravings, insomnia, increased appetite, weight gain and tiredness also lack of concentration Smoking also seariously decreases your lung capacity which is the first indicator to how long you will live. Before After Lung capacity is the same thing as lung volume The total lung capacity is the amount of air in your lugs after a deep inhalation The reasidual volume is the amount of air left after a deep exhalation Measuring your lung capacity can help see how much stamina you will have to do sports and other things It is posible to increase your lung capacity just by doing excersice Things like smoking ephysema and asma can affect and reduse your lung capacity One of the ways to increase your lung capacity is to develop a stretching and lifting routine in the pool. The weights need to be slightly heavier than the ones you would normally use to compensatroutine in the e for the fact that in the water everything is Another way to increase your lung capacity is to inhale for 2 counts and exhale for 3. keep this up for as long as you can without feeling lightheaded to increase your lung capacity. thats a spirometry and it measures how much air you brathe Lungs: They have two lobes the right one bigger than the left one. Diaphragm: A large dome shaped sheet of muscle between the chet and the abdomen. Trachea: Long thin windpipe that goes from the nose to the lungs Bronchi: Two small pipes that branch out from the trachea to the lungd. Bronchioles: Thousands of tiny tubes that branch out from the two bronchi Alveoli: Thousands of tiny air sacks inside the lungs. The respiratory system drives respiraiton in which the oxygen is cleaned, waste CO2 is gotten rid off and cells get energy.
The air goes in through the nose
It goes down to the lungs through the trachea
The Oxygen passes from the trachea threw the two bronchi to both lungs.
From the bronchi the air goes to bronchioles that tale the air throughout the lungs.
Once is gets to the alveoli the gaseous exchange hapens which is when CO2 and O2 are exchanged in the alveoli. Then the waste CO2 is disposed and the clean oxygen goes threw the veins to the body.
QUIZ! Name 3 organs in the respiratory system Name 3 facts about smoking you learned Name 3 facts about lung capcity you learned Fireworks The End
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