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George Veditz (1861-1937)

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Allie Latella

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of George Veditz (1861-1937)

Who was George Veditz?
George Veditz, born hearing to German immigrants in 1861, was to be one of the most brilliant, headstrong members of the Deaf community of the time.

Veditz's Adult Life
After graduating Galluadet, Veditz returned to the Maryland School for the Deaf to teach for the next four years.
Veditz's Accomplishments
In 1904, Veditz was elected President of the National Association of the Deaf. He was re-elected in 1907.
Other Accomplishments
It has been said that Veditz also helped to establish the Colorado Association of the Deaf and the Gallaudet College Alumni Association.
His Legacy
Veditz died on March 12, 1937. Many considered him a martyr of Sign Language due to the constant and passionate support he gave to the language.
Veditz's Education
While still hearing, Veditz's parents enrolled him in a German-English school, where he became bilingual.
George Veditz (1861-1937)
After losing his hearing, he attended Maryland School for the Deaf. His brilliance was quickly noticed even at his young age.
In 1880, Veditz enrolled in Galluadet University, where he ended up graduating valedictorian of his class.
He then relocated to Colorado, where he taught at the state school for the Deaf for 17 years.
His wife, Bessie, was also a teacher at the Colorado school.
When he was eight, he contracted Scarlett Fever, causing him to loose his hearing.
He also served as the President of the World Congress of the Deaf.
In this role, he was able to go to Washington and be a voice of the job discrimination the Deaf community was facing by the Civil Service Commission.
Veditz was a fierce supporter of Sign Language and spoke out against Oralists of the time. It is said that this caused him to gain many enemies in not only the hearing world, but in the Deaf world as well.
He was known as one of the first people to ever film American Sign Language.
The following is a video of George Veditz signing in one of the most famous Sign Language films of all time, known as the "Preservation of Sign Language".
During Veditz’s time of extreme support to Sign Language (1930’s), it was under attack by both hearing and Deaf people, which caused him to gain many enemies as stated before. Why do you think people of this era, especially people of the Deaf community, were unsupportive of his push for the use of Sign Language?
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