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Hispanic people in Miami, Florida

No description

haden hiser

on 31 October 2012

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Transcript of Hispanic people in Miami, Florida

Hispanic people in Miami Florida By: Haden and Sam Miami's population is 408,750 Miami has 238,351 hispanic people living there currently 65% of Miami's population is hispanic CUBA Nicaragua Colombia 34.1% are Cuban, 5.6% are Nicaraguan, 3.3% are Honduran, 1.7% are Dominican, and 1.6% are Colombian. Flo Rida and Pittbull and Hispanic Flo rida and pitbull are famous hispanic people Florida has food from mostly the Spanish Caribbean (Cuba and Puerto Rico.) People also speak Spanish. Famous people Sites and experiences You can go to the Lation Art Muesuem, the Freedom Tower, and Espanol Way.
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