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Sci Fi Film Genre

By the Sci Fi Guys (Max, Marco & Patrick)

Max Fg

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of Sci Fi Film Genre

What characterizes a Sci-Fi Film?
Typical Sci-Fi Story Arc
Evolution of Sci-Fi
- Myths: Greeks were great at telling Sci-fi Stories.
- Sci has always been used to try to have an imaginable understanding of the unimaginable
- Sci-Fi has evolved in parallel with Science and Technology
- Books: Utopia by Thomas More, Dracula by Mary Shelly
- Films: Fly Me To The Moon, first sci-fi film
- Atomic Bomb: results in new genre
- Special effects: evolution
- Today, many sub genres of Sci-Fi
Classical Representation
Sci-Fi Film Genre by
Max, Marco and Patrick

- Sounds/music
- Improbable Setting
- Technologically advanced science phenomena
- Explores the unimaginable
- Plot
- Space exploration
- Heroes
- Distant Planets
- Impossible Quests
- Unknown & Unexplainable Forces
- Man vs. Nature
- Experimentation
- Dystopia/Utopia
- Can overlap with horror, when technology
or alien species become evil and threatening
- Battles
- Special Effects

- Super Natural
- Futuristic/Time Travel
- Apocalyptic
Typical Supernatural Story Arc
1. Protagonist does not acknowledge his/her own powers / experimentation results in supernatural powers
2. Discovers and utilizes his/her supernatural powers
3. Villain (antagonist) is introduced
4. Superhero (protagonist), fights for the good and the people. The villain, (antagonist), wants to selfishly empower himself
5. Superhero (antagonist), finds a loop hole in villains evil plan
6. Superhero defeats villain, saving the people and riding of all planned, evil chaos
* The futuristic/time travel genre is such a broad sub-genre that the typical story can greatly vary
Typical Characteristics:
- Located in a foreign location either in space, another planet, or an entirely unrecognizable form of earth
- If they time travel to the future or past, it is typically a man vs. nature conflict
- If it is originally set in the future, there is typically the presence of extremely powerful technology
Typical Apocalyptic Story Arc
1. Setting is a typical present day
2. Going about their day casually, without second thoughts about anything unusual
3. Suddenly, someone picks up on extra-ordinary activity
4. Humans discover an unknown species
5. Species comes with an objective
6. Apocalypse of extra-ordinary species
7. Humans find a loop hole in the species
8. Humans defeat the species

Old Special Effects
New Special Effects
Atypical Representation
Sci-Fi Sound Effects
Favorite Clip
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