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No description

ayyan mir

on 19 January 2015

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Transcript of Tornadoes

Tornadoes are a really bad thing to witness and a really bad thing to be near. Tornadoes have destroyed so many things in the world such as building, houses, trees, and boats/ships. We are really lucky because tornadoes don’t hit Canada as much as they occur in America but Canada has been hit not as bad as America. Did you know that in a year an average of 1000 tornadoes are reported nationwide.
Fun Facts And Some Videos
1. Did you know that their is a fire tornado.
2. Tornadoes can be referred as a twisters or cyclones
3.The first recorded tornado in Canada was in 1792.

What is A Tornado
What is a tornado, a tornado is a dangerous storm and it`s shaped like a funnel shape and rope type, also tornadoes have a smoky/musty look to them. Tornadoes can be as wide as 50 miles (80km). Did you that most tornadoes happen during 3 p.m. to 9 p.m. it also can happen at anytime.. One thing about tornadoes that is not fully understood is that how it fully forms, grows, and dies. Tornadoes are 250 feet across. Did you know that tornadoes start from thunderstorms.
What Can A Tornado Do To Us
What can tornadoes do to us, tornadoes can do a lot to us like tear apart are city or it can pick up your house. Tornadoes can do a lot of damage and dangerous tornadoes speed can reach up to 200m (321/h) and the most danger tornado can reach up to 300m. Also tornadoes are referred as twister/cyclone. After a tornado the country/city has a lot of problems to face such as helping the people that lost a lot during the storm. The strongest tornado is f5, ef5 and the weakest tornado is f0. The two strongest tornadoes which is the f5, ef5 can tear apart a building easily.
How Can Tornadoes Effect Us
How can tornadoes effect us and where do they most effect. Tornadoes effects the world a lot but it’s a known fact that America is hit by tornadoes four times more the entire Europe. Did you hear that their was a tornado that hit a country so hard that you can see the path of tornado from 2007. Do you the most states that have been hit by a tornado in America are Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Florida. Tornadoes can effect us in multiply ways because tornadoes can take out homes, trees, animals, and farms, then we would have shortage of foods and some people could be homeless cause of these terrible storms. Tornadoes can also take something really important from us such family, friends, and our lives.
These all are really good facts you should know about tornadoes and I hope you learned something new about tornadoes. I hope you guys realized that tornadoes are really bad storms and they effect in a lot of ways and you should always stay in your basement when theirs a twister out side your house. Thank You
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