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Digestive track analogies

No description

samuel adams

on 10 May 2012

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Transcript of Digestive track analogies

Digestive track Analogies The mouth is like a garbage disposal for a sink because it mechanically mashes food with teeth and chemically begins the digestion of starch with the enzyme amylase, just as a garbage disposal mashes food mechanically and mixes it with water. The esophagus is like a water slide because its a tube that takes food to the stomach using wave like contractions and saliva, just as a water slide is a tube that takes people from the top to the bottom using water. The epiglottis is like a toilet lid because it's a flap of cartilage that covers the trachea while swallowing, just as a toilet lid is a flap of plastic that covers the toilet. The stomach is like a washing machine because it mechanically churns bolus, chemically combines food with pepsin and hydrochloric acid and breaks down protein, just as a washing machine mixes the clothes mechanically and blends them with cleaning detergent. The small intestine is like tree roots because it absorbs fat, protein and carbohydrates into the blood stream to send to the rest of the body, just as tree roots absorb nutrients from the ground to send to the rest of the tree. The small intestine is like a wood chipper because it fully digests fat, protein and carbohydrates, just as a tree shredder fully destroys trees. The stomach is like a refrigerator because it stores food and water as does a refrigerator. The large intestine is like a sponge because it absorbs water, vitamins and minerals from undigested food and makes vitamin k, just as a sponge absorbs water. mouth garbage disposal epiglottis toilet lid esophagus water slide stomach refrigerator washing machine small intestine wood chipper
tree roots
large intestine sponge gum ball machine gall bladder The gall bladder is like a gum ball machine because it stores bile and then sends it to the small intestine just as a gum ball machine stores gum balls and sends them to the bottom. By Lulu Feldman
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