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HMP Final Project- Julia Ngo

No description

Julia Ngo

on 19 May 2013

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Transcript of HMP Final Project- Julia Ngo

Drive Phase 1 Phase 2 Results Core Foundation Essential Question: Picasso
quotes, “Art is a lie that leads
to the truth.” How can this be
justified to be true? The Growth of a Mindset through the Act of Art Follow your goals and dreams, create and color your own world... By Julia Ngo Even better..... How does this essential question connect to my career pathway? In an article, “today’s kids are tomorrow’s artists,” gave me the idea that creativity, growth, and knowledge are created differently in different mindsets. I believe that this is just the beginning act of what I call could be the lie to an artwork. How I 'saw' my world to how I 'see' it today... from black&white to color As I am shadowing at my doctor’s office, I see that I am a step closer to my future career. I see a picture being painted as my days of mentoring continues. family medicine I showed growth through my strengths and weaknesses from the skills I had developed IB Induction HMP Family http://www.najp.org/articles/2010/03/arts-education-its-not-a-waste.html Could it have started out
being a lie? Can this be real? I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to be led by someone who influenced me greatly in reaching my dream and helping me paint my world. Renee Kimball, M.D. Northeast Georgia Physicians Group Chestnut Mountain What exactly is true art?
Will I continue to pursue this career? You learn something new every day Use it and color what is missing.. http://blogwithjulieah.wordpress.com/2012/12/ Visit my blogs:
http://blogwithjulieah.wordpress.com/ ... that leads to the truth" "Art is a lie... https://docs.google.com/file/d/0BwsCsmoraQGUUi1sMkdpSVVCVEU/edit Video of my presentation:
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