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Human Trafficking in San Diego Tijuana

Group Presentation for Dr. Gailey and Dr. Gates. Point Loma Nazarene University Spring 2010.

San Diego Tijuana

on 17 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Trafficking in San Diego Tijuana

Human Trafficking in San Diego & Tijuana Taylor Breckenridge
Luke Johansen
Reka Katona
Elena Marquez
Richard Pince
Awbrey Yost What Is Human Trafficking? Human trafficking is the sale, transport and profit from human beings who are forced to work for others; it is the modern equivalent of slavery. Who and Where is Human Trafficking? In poorer regions of the world the most vulnerable in society -- runaways, refugees, or other displaced persons-- are the most common victims of human trafficking. Types of Modern Slavery According to the U.S. Department of Justice, trafficking in persons is now tied in second place with the sale of illegal arms making it the fastest growing form of organized crime in the world. Drug and weapon trafficking has a direct connection to the sex trafficking industry and is explained through several different types of human trafficking. Bonded Labor
Involuntary Servitude
Domestic Servitude
Child Labor Bonded Labor Forced Labor Human Trafficking In San Diego Human trafficking is prevalent in San Diego, whether or not we can see it
It is difficult to get an accurate estimate of the amount of people trafficked into San Diego
Organized crime is an important component in the human trafficking rings present in San Diego
There are many stories of men, women, and children who have been forcefully trafficked into San Diego. Human Trafficking In Tijuana Most well-known area of legalized prostitution: Zona Norte
Sex tourism encourages sex trafficking Sex Trafficking Labor Trafficking Sex trafficking easier to define than labor trafficking
Labor trafficking linked to employment opportunities and the possibility of a better life. Law Enforcement on Human Trafficking Federal Statutes - Victims of Trafficking & Violence Protection Act of 2000
State Statutes- Cal Pen Code §236.1 & California Alliance to Combat Trafficking & Slavery – ACTS: §13990 President Obama has pledged to make the fight to abolish modern-day slavery a top foreign policy; however... ... there are a few shortcomings:
Training given to Law Enforcement Agencies TVPA Provisions: Means of prosecuting traffickers
Protection for the trafficked
Means of prevention in source countries The United States spends more in one day fighting drug trafficking in one day than it spends in one year fighting human trafficking. Nonprofits are picking up the slack… Advantages: •Easier access to victims
•More flexible
•More gender sensitive Disadvantages: •Cannot pass legislation—the only long-term solution
•Must work with organizations or officials of the countries of origin
Targeting different angles of human trafficking •The supply—Breaking Chains
•The rescued—Generate Hope
•The community—Bilateral Safety Corridor Coalition
•The demand—Stop Child Trafficking Now The Media: Keeping San Diego Uninformed Why don’t more San Diegans know about this?
Where is the media in all of this?
How do we get more people to get involved? Identifying the Problem,
Ignoring the Solution

2008 - “Hidden in Plain Sight” outdoor advertising campaign was formed by the U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)
the goal: alert the public about the existence of human trafficking victims
the result: 15 transit shelters display the billboards throughout the San Diego area

2009 – KGTV anchorwoman Kimberly Hunt performed an undercover investigation to raise awareness
over 1,000 postings for sex trafficking on Craigslist in one night

Seeking Alternative Media Solutions 2010 – Local Organizations turn to Social Media
San Diego organizations are using online networking sites Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube to raise awareness Conclusion: Human trafficking is modern-day slavery.
It is occuring in San Diego & Tijuana
Law enforcement is improving ... slowly
Where law enforcement is failing, non-profits are picking up the slack
The media is noticing its role in human trafficking and is changing Questions? Blog
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