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Romeo and Juliet introduction

Lesson 1 of R&J sow

Charlotte Rashford

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of Romeo and Juliet introduction

ROMEO&JULIET Common assumptions.
What do people
know already? A young girl called
Juliet... ...who is
around about
Falls in
and marries... Romeo,
a young man from
a rival
family. Their love is doomed Something to do with a balcony? ''Romeo,
where for
art thou
Romeo?'' Romeo Juliet The lover's deaths are tragic ''This is thy sheath!
(stabbing herself)
- There rust, and let me die.'' Thy drugs are quick. thus with a kiss I die There are loads of guns and car
chases and really cool music... MISCONCEPTIONS This is a book made in to a film Shakespeare is boring and irrelevant ALL WRONG!!! The Truth... This is a play
Shakespeare wrote this play over 400 years ago; England was a very different place. Shakespeare is AWESOME and continues to be
relevant today, despite being written in a very
different world. ''A pair of star-crossed lovers take their life;'' ''My sword I say! Old Montague is come,
And flourishes his blade in spite of me!'' ''Thou villain, Capulet!'' Shakespeare
intended it to be
watched live. It had to be written down for the actors to learn their lines AWESOME
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