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Matt Smith

No description

Samantha Thompsons

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of Matt Smith

Matt Smith
Was going to be a professional
Football (Soccer) player
He severely
hurt his back while
He severely injured his
back while playing
Since he could no longer
play, he was kicked from his
His drama
teacher got him into
He was in several of his schools
plays and musicals
Then he had a grand idea
He should become an actor!
His first T.V.
Role was Jim Taylor
from BBC's "Sally Lockhart"
He is most famous for
his role as "The Doctor"
(number 11 to be exact)
Doctor Who
He recently stared
Doctor Who
's 50th
anniversary with David Tennant
Personal Life
Birth: 28, Oct. 1982
Age: 31

I'll miss playing a character that can bounce from A to Z like that and that is the cleverest in the room but also the silliest in the room. You know, just being the Doctor, he's the Doctor. What a character. Of course there's always a part of you that goes "I never want to go". There are no parts like this. I think it's a good time for me to move on and we've got the 50th anniversary. It's the biggest year in the show's history and I'm playing the part and I pass it on with a smile to the next guy and say "Good luck, buddy. You're going to have to work hard".
Roll the
The playing footage is from a scene of Doctor Who the broadcasters are acting like its a real game
Matt Smith is awesome
Your argument is invalid
teh end
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