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The Master Equation

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Transcript of The Master Equation

The Theory of Almost Everything
The Standard Model
Before I begin my project, you have to read the disclaimer.
In fact it is so simple, I will attempt to explain it to you. Hopefully, some of you will come out of class with a lot of new found knowledge!!!
If I bore you to death, I am not liable.
In case of an emergency, please do your best to remember that what I am showing you has forever changed man's understanding of the universe.
Why do I like quarks?
They come in multiple flavors.
What does the Standard Model Actually Mean?
Well, basically it explains electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force. However it does not include gravity, which is why it is the theory of almost everything.
The Standard Model states that the Universe is made up of elementary particles.
More specifically, it states that there are 6 quarks, 6 leptons, and force carriers.
Work Cited
However, some of you visual learners might need to see a graphical image of the Standard Model.
The six flavors of quarks:
up ( u)
down (d)
charm (c)
strange (s)
top (t)
bottom (b)
Why did the neutron become a neutrino?
It went on a weight loss program.
This equation might look a bit intimidating, especially if math is not one of your good subjects. However, rest assured, this is in fact a surprisingly compact equation, especially since it explains almost every force in nature.
The Master Equation
The six types of leptons are:
Electron Neutrino
Muon Neutrino
Tau Neutrino
On A More Recent Note
Well, there was a problem with the Standard Model, because in order for it to work, it required all particles to be weightless due to the Standard Model's bases on gauge theory. However, we all know that this is wrong. Scientists have already known the masses of particles, and clearly, they did in fact have mass. Now the obvious route was to abandon gauge theory. However, scientists soon found that without it, the standard model would soon fall apart. In 1964, Peter Higgs discovered the solution to this dilemma. In his theory, particles were given mass by the Higgs mechanism shortly after the Big Bang. The Higgs Boson was the particle that carried this interaction, and thus it was predicted by the Standard Model. This would be a great test of its living up to experimental evidence. On July 4, 2012, the Higgs Boson was finally discovered by experimentalists at the Large Hadron Collider in CERN. The Standard Model yet again successfully had predicted the existence of a yet undiscovered particle, proving that it is the best theory the greatest minds of physics have yet achieved.
1. Did you know that all the elementary particles have a corresponding anti-particle?
4. Scientists are currently trying to develop a quantum theory of gravity.
The three colors of quarks are:

, and
Well, I said a lot about the Standard Model, but how do we know it's real. How can we tell whether this is just another false hypothesis, or one of the greatest theories of all time? Well, in order for this theory to have any value at all, it has to be able to make predictions. It sure does that. Top performing theoretical particle physicists (i.e., Nikolaos Kidonakis) use the standard model to predict the interaction between particles. At particle accelerators, namely the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, their predictions are put to the ultimate test: whether they agree with experiment. If they agree, that is just one extra piece of evidence for the Standard Model. If they don't agree, the theory is wrong or needs to take something into account.
Here are some helpful Youtube videos.
Brought to you by Dorian Kidonakis: Period 3
5/5/13 Science

Sponsored proudly by a theoretical particle
physicist near you!!!
The Standard Model Word Search
The Higgs Boson is often referred to as the "God Particle."
5.Photons are their own anti particles.
7.Particles are classified as Fermions if they have spin -1/2.
9. Some scientists have swapped the Standard Model for string theory and supersymmetry to go beyond the Standard Model.
8. Another unexplained factor of the Standard Model is dark matter and dark energy.
6. In fact, the Standard Model has been tested to an accuracy of one part to 100 billion!!!
10. The top quark is around 200 times heavier than the proton.
Answer Key
Minuet by Luigi Boccherini
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