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Jordan Smith

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of science

This is our science role play assignment
By: Jordan, Joseph,Will, Caleb Relationships between science and technology. Provide examples of technologies that have enabled scientific research. Social and environment contexts of science and technology Explain how society`s need can lead to developments in science and technology. Nature of Science and Technology Describe examples of how
technology have been improved over time. In our project, technoligy has improved enough for us to be able to accurity predict future populations and land masses. Computers have allowed us to print up charts and graphs and telephones help us contact experts. Sociaty's needs would create fish houses and acid weather protection if we accept the proposal. Provide examples of public and private Canadian institutions that support scientific and technological research and endeavors. Weather and climate facilities an wildlife preserves. Describe possible positve and negitive effects of a particular scientific or technological development, and explain how differant groups in society mat have differant needs and desires in relation to it. Some positive effects of a water factory would be pumping water to more needy areas, but that would have bed effects on the area its being taken from. Performing and Recording We used charts and graphs entirly made up but with a formula. Communication and Teamwork We did pretty well, but it could have been better. Less foolishness.
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