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My 21st Century Classroom

Paint palette

Sara Allison

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of My 21st Century Classroom

What does my classroom sound like?
What does my classroom look like? Lots of
natural light Colorful Creation Stations Computers
- for digital art
- resources
- inspiration Laughter Classroom
Critiques Brainstorming
sessions Tools Music Supply Centers
with all kinds of
mediums Art Library
- Art from around
the world Connections to
Educational Psychology
Fun & Exciting Safe
- physically
& emotionally Variety of
Actual Textures What does my clasroom feel like? Stimulating
& engaging
21st Century skills Guiding Principles - Piaget's Concrete operations stage
- Students will be involved in art critiques and brainstorming sessions in which they will use their logical thinking skills through which they can integrate various qualities and perspectives for an object or event - Vygotsky
-To get a true sense of the student's cognitive development, I will assess their capabilities when performing alone and when performing with assistance and in groups
- I will provide techniques that will keep the students challenged but within their Zone of Proximal Development; as some techniques are mastered I will present them with more complex ones to presents new challenges - Erikson's Industry vs. Inferiority
- Students will need to deal with new and challenging skills & techniques or risk failure and incompetence - Bronfenbrenner
- I will create an art community, an artistic culture of peers in which bullying and disrespect will not be tolerated; victims will find self-esteem, and friendships will be made -Multiple Intelligences
- I will assess my students intelligences and create projects and tasks that fit their intelligence, but will also challenge them to improve other intelligences My 21st Century Classroom Creativity and innovation can be nurtured by a learning environments that foster questioning, patience, openness to fresh ideas, high levels of trust, and learning from mistakes and failures. Creativity can be developed through practice over time. (pg 57-58) Creativity and Innovation To build on these skills I will challenge my students to think creatively using brainstorming; work creatively with others through group input and feedback during critiques; immplement innovations by acting on their creative ideas. (pg 59) Constructivism
My students will be required to be actively engaged in their own learning of techniques and styles. They will also build their own knowledge and understanding through practice, brainstorming, and group projects Multiculturalism
The art library will have art books from around the world so students can learn about the art produced in many different cultures.
We will also have units and projects that are based on art from many cultures. Curricular Integration
I will work with other teachers and the subjects that the students are learning about and will integrate those themes and subjects into my lesson plans
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