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English Afghan Assignment

Afghan Culture - Art and Stories

Emily .

on 18 June 2010

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Transcript of English Afghan Assignment

Afghan Culture: Art and Stories For thousands of years, Afghanistan played a major role in in trading between Iran, Asia and India. Because of this, a lot of cool things have been discovered :D The Kabul Museum This museum is very important to Afghan art. One of the museum's largest displays, was the magnificent Bagram Collection Discovered in 1939, by archaeologists excavating a Kushan fort,  it contained an amazing 1,800 pieces from India, Rome, Greece, Egypt, and Central Asia. The Kabul Museum also had one of the largest displays of Greek and Roman coins found near Kabul. This collection was a historical treasure, as it contained coins from numerous civilizations dating from the 8th century B.C. to the late 19th century. At one time, Buddhism flourished in Afghanistan and this sculpture is proof of this. These figurines are made out of baked clay!
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