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Background of Gilgamesh

No description

Hunter Gerlach

on 17 August 2015

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Transcript of Background of Gilgamesh

Background of Gilgamesh
by Hunter Gerlach

Several gods are mentioned in the creation myth. They are related to one another because everything that is within the universe is lead by a God.
Sumerians was attacked by external invaders. Babylonia was it's new name. relationship between the Babylonians and the Sumerians was similar to that which existed between the Romans and the Greeks. Babylonian people were very influenced by the older Sumerian culture. Other invadors took control. Later Babylonia got it back.
Mesopatamia: area of the Tigris-Euphrates river system
Over the years it was an ancient region in the eastern Mediterranean. Currently it is situated near Irqa, Kuwait, Syria, and Turkey.
Codes of Hammurabi
282 laws of justice which Hammurabi established.
185. If a man adopted a child and to this name as son, and rear him, this grown son can not be demanded back again. (can't give back if taught son)

174. If she bear no sons to her second husband, the sons of her first husband shall have the dowery. (first sons will recieve the money. )
Examples of Gods:
ISHTAR was both the goddess of morning light and the night star. She had a double character, since she was the goddess of love and childbirth, as well as war.
ENLIL was the god of sky and earth. He was a short-tempered god who was responsible for a great flood.
EA was the god of the waters. He was also the god of wisdom and art.
APSU was the god of Underworld Ocean.
ANU was originally the father and king of the gods.
Examples of Gods:
MARDUK was the god creator of the world and master of human destiny. He took the place of Anu as the king of the gods. Marduk created mankind in order to have beings on earth who would serve the gods. He was also the protector of the city of Babylon.
SHAMASH was the sun god. He saw everything and, for this reason, he was also the god of truth and justice.
SIN was the moon god.
It is noted that Ea and the birth-goddess Nintu created humans. Different historical versions cause the difference. This version said it was Ishtar who was the God of childbirth.
Marduk's deeds: The seven tablets of
Similarities include powers to do unworldly things, names that are hard to remember and pronounce, long tales of war, etc.
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