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cristiana de la jara

on 14 January 2014

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Some of the school's activities I have participated in are:
1) School's Goleadores soccer tournament
I have participated in the Goleadores soccer tournament 3 years
2) School's Talent Show
I have participated in the school's Talent Show 4 years. In all of the years I sang and in one of the years I also danced.
3) School's mini tennis tournament
I got chosen and decided to participate in the School's mini tennis tournament, in which me and my group won the first place.

My Achievements In School
I Participate In School Activities
4th grade: headmasters, presented India in school's show and tell (Dolphins Around The World).
5th grade: headmasters, got 1st place award in science, second place award in history and won first place in Spelling bee.
6th grade: honor roll and headmasters, got first place award in computer, spanish, history, English and science, got 2nd place award in math, won first place in spelling bee and got chosen as class representative.
7th grade: Got two headmasters, presidential award, got chosen to take part of the school's enrichment program and attended to Feria De Genios Sustagen in which we had to present an idea on how we can take care of our environment, won 2nd place in a spelling bee against the 8th graders, I am part of math honors class.
Extra Curricular Activities
I belonged to the soccer team at school ( when I was 12), and me and my team won the first place in a tournament. Nowadays I belong to the volleyball team we are now competing in Copa Movistar and Copa Americano. When I was 8 I started parcticing tennis and I stopped when I was 11. I have practiced tennis with several different trainers the one I consider the best is my trainer from Argentina. I attended to various tennis tournaments, to a tennis summer camp in Nicaragua's "Academia De Tennis" and a tennis summer camp In Miami,Florida. I recieved courses of jazz and I attended to a dance summer camp in " Ballet Studio Ligia Luna" (2012 and 2013). I play the guitar and sing in " Parroquia Monte Tabor" and I attended the World Youth Day (2010) in Madrid, Spain. I proposed myself to learn and sometimes compete in sports and other activities that had called my attention, I have obtained a valuable experience from each one of them.
Community Service
1) Prayer Group: I am a member of Prayer group "Together For God", in which we once visited a nursing home. (member by 2 years)
2) Operation Smile: member of Operation Smile(started this year)
3) Pro-Life: member of Pro-Life (2 years)
4) Monte Tabor Parish: In Easter time we visit homes, and talk about God. (3 years)
5) Enrichment program: I was a member of the Enrichment program in which we gave ideas about how we could take care of the environment and we visited Managua's dumpster "La Chureca". Only three people in my class got chosen to participate in this program and I was one of them.
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