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Comparison of English Fashion, Culture and Commerce

A comparison of English and Canadian fashion, commerce and traditions.

Moira Wilson

on 19 April 2013

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Transcript of Comparison of English Fashion, Culture and Commerce

England Canada Comparison of English and
Canadian Fashion and Customs "Cheese Rolling" The Cooper's hill "Cheese Rolling and
Wake" is an annual event in
Brockworth, England. A wheel of Double
Glouchester Cheese is rolled down a hill
and about 20 men run down the hill trying to catch it. About halfway down the hill, the men start falling and rolling down the hill. Don't worry, there are plenty of paramedics at the bottom of the hill, and there has not been any deaths at this event (so far). Work Cited
twocamels.com Costa Rica Panama North America South America Africa Europe Asia Australia Indonesia And So We Meet Halfway... In conclusion, English and Canadian culture
is not that much different. In fashion, Canadian clothes are not as bright. In traditions, English
people just tend to be more gutsy. The End (or is it?) English Fashion Canadian Fashion English Clothing

The English clothing is very close to our clothing, however English clothing is still a bit different then ours. Our clothing isn’t very bright colours then on the other hand English people have more vibrant colours and a bit more fancy. The people in England have all the same designs, just a few different trends since the designers are different people. Created By: Moira Wilson:)and McKayla Wiley:) England Fashion of the month
By: McKayla Lynn WileyMadoc Public School
The fashion in London is very colourful in so many ways. By the way they are very stylish in London, the fashion show takes place on Friday February 15th- Tuesday 19th,. This dress is a street dress it’‘s a singer Ellie Goulding pares down her go-to stage looks in a streamlined navy jump suit.There are many different dresses she designed here is a few dresses. Major Injury at Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling
Moira Wilson
MPS News

Gloucestershire – For hundreds of years, groups of 20 men and women raced down a hill for the chance of winning the coveted “Double Gloucester Cheese” at the Cooper's Hill Cheese Rolling. Many have escaped injury and death rolling down the hill but today, Clarence Turner was not so lucky. On this particularly muddy day, at 9:43 am, Turner competed for the delicious cheese only to suffer from a concussion, broken neck and twisted ankle. Not to mention almost fracturing his spinal chord. Turner nearly killed himself in the endeavor but still states in hospital, “It's tradition, I'm going to compete next year, If my wife lets me.”

Minor injuries such as sprains and breaks are common at this event. However, sometimes it's not the injuries the organizers are worried about, but the crowds. As this old tradition is gaining hype, more and more crowds (mostly tourists from America) attend this event. A few years ago, over 15 000 people attended this event. This made it almost impossible for ambulances to enter and leave the site, causing it to be canceled the next year. But as you can see, the tradition lives on, and as for Turner, he will return next year, competing or not. Since the events discovery by Canadians, whordes of tourists
from Canada and the US attend the event, and since there are
so many people there, the ambulances are unable to get to the
injured men and women. So, the health and safety board shut
down the event. Now, we have cheese rolling in Canada. All About England 1. Nuclear reactors (Electricity Generators)
2. Mineral Fuels
3. Cars
4. Electrical Macinery
5. Pharmaceutical Products (Medical Supplies) From England To England 1. Manufactured Goods
2. Machinery
3. Fuels
4. Foodstuffs (ingredients)
5. Beverages Imports and Exports
To and From England England's Population From
2001-2011 Where is England? England is on the western side of Europe
near Belgium, Holland and France. England
is across the ocean from us. In historical
values, England was the birthplace of many
of the pioneers that settled into Canada. What do We Export and Import? To Canada 1. Vehicles (other than railway vehicles)
2. Machinery (boilers, mechanical appliances, etc.)
3. Electrical Machinery Parts
4. Plastics and Plastic Products (Plastic toys,
garbage cans, Rubbermaid containers, etc.)
5. Products made from iron or steel (such as knife
sets or car rims)
*Number 5 was "Optical, photo, cine, meas,
checking, precision, etc." However, we did not
understand that set of products and so we dismissed
it from our list.* From Canada (Between Canada and the USA) 1. Vehicles (other than railway vehicles)
2. Mineral Fuels
3. Machinery (boilers, mechanical appliances, etc.)
4. Wood and Wooden Objects
5. Electrical Machinery Parts (In General) What do We and
England Share? Both Canada and England import machinery.
They also share with us the exports of: mineral fuels,
vehicles, and electrical machinery. Ba Ba Baaaaa! Rock Paper Scissors Tournament in Toronto Ever thought that that pointless game that you played with
your siblings over the last cookie could win you $10 000? Yes,
I'm talking about rock-paper-scissors and yes, it could really win
you $10 000. The road to glory all starts with a $20 entry fee and
you could win that dough in Toronto's Cool Haus for the rock-paper-
scissors championship. Since the glorius game was turned into a competition, countries all
over the world have followed soon after. Now, England and India have
rock-paper-scissors tournaments too. Photo of "Rock-Paper-Scissors-Lizard-Spock"
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