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The AtekPC Project Management Office

No description

Prashant Mishra

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of The AtekPC Project Management Office

The AtekPC
Office Conclusion and
Recommendations CASE DISCUSSION ?????????? QUESTIONS Overview of AtekPC
Past Culture
Problem Statement
Business Needs
Conclusion & Recommendations
Founded in 1984
Midsize US PC manufacturer
$1.9bn in sales in 2006
Organization has 2100 full time and 200 part time employees
Rapid growth period since 1990s until 2006
Struggling alongside other competitors due to transition from growth industry to mature industry Projects ranged from small to mid sized
Informal project management without standard practices
Projects headed by staff who also worked in particular functional areas
Limited cross-functional group interaction
Any functional area could request for a project to improve operations
Very minimal enterprise level project requests and no lasting formalization of practices AGENDA Overview of AtekPC Past Culture Problem Statement PMO To implement newly created PMO
Bring a cultural change of doing projects in a defined way
Defining the PMO's purpose and mission
Define structure and governance of the PMO
Find a strategy to successfully implement PMO in what appears to be a resistant culture
Choose between PMO-Heavy & PMO-Light Is an organizational body assigned with various responsibilities related to centralized and coordinated management of those projects under its domain
Responsibilities range but not limited to:
Managing shared resources across projects
Identify and develop project management methodology, best practices and standards
Coaching, mentoring, training and oversight
Monitoring compliance with project management standards
Develop and maintain project management policies, procedures, templates and other standard documents
Coordinate communication across projects Implementation of PMO strategy in a balanced way to fit corporate culture.
Senior Executive Buy-In
PMO staff with combination of external/internal employees
Adjust and modify as PMO implementation proceeds TEAM 3 Phil Bedoya

Prashant Mishra

Raewon Chung Business Needs Changing environment
Cost reduction strategies
Streamlined operations
Efficient supply chain
New market opportunities
Web-based application
Mobile devices Methodology Steps for Successful Implementation:

1. Senior executive buy-in
2. Formal project charter
3. Assimilate PMO into existing corporate culture
4. PMO-light focus
5. Develop performance metrics
6. Establish PMO governance Results 1. Senior executive buy-in obtained
2. Developed formal project charter
3. Increase size of PMO staff
4. Focused PMO-light
5. Culture shift
6. Published performance metrics/successes
7. Increased PMO role and responsibilities
8. Expansion of PMO enterprise-wide
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