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Westward Expansion

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Sally Carroll

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Westward Expansion

Sally Carroll & Taylor Gambell
Social Studies & Writing Skills Introduction Lewis and Clark Manifest Destiny Mormon Trail The Louisiana Territory Purchase happened when France was at War with Great Britain. When the American Ambassador got a surprising offer, while he was trying to negotiate with the foreign minister Charles Talleyrand; Talleyrand offered to sell all of Louisiana.
Napoleon needed the money for military supplies. Robert Livingston and James Monroe, knew a bargain, when they saw one; they accepted the generous French offer to sell Louisiana for $15 million.
On October 20, 1803, the Louisiana Purchase agreement was approved by the Senate, and happened in France. The purchase of the Louisiana Territory, roughly double the size of the United States. Meriwether Lewis was asked on March 6, 1801, by President Jefferson to go on a journey, and explore the West. In 1803, Lewis asked William Clark to join him on the journey of discovery. He agreed, and then gathered a group of men, which they called the Corps of Discovery. They then began their long journey on May 14, 1804.
The reason they went exploring the West, was because President Jefferson wanted to have a better knowledge of what the West was like. He also wanted to find the Northwest Passage. The journey that he sent Lewis and Clark on, was very beneficial to the United States; Lewis and Clark kept records all sorts of important things about the West, in journals.
The newly found information about the West, opened up new territory for fur and lumber trade. They had a better knowledge of which lands were best for settling in, and to do agriculture in. In the Americas, people believed, that it was their manifest destiny, to spread democracy, from the Atlantic Coast, to the Pacific. It began around the 1845s. It happened, because lots of patriotism had spread, after the war of 1812, as they began moving West.
The manifest Destiny, was spreading all over the United States. The man who began it all, was John L. O'Sullivan; he believed that it was an opportunity given from God, to spread the development of the great liberty.
The manifest destiny, was the idea of divine sanction for territorial expansion, of the U.S.. It led the U.S. to becoming an imperialistic nation, at the turn of the century. The Mormon Trail, (also known as the Mormon Pioneer Trail), was the route that members of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day took, in 1846. The idea of the Church of Jesus Christ was founded by Joseph Smith, in the early 1830s; his members of the Church became known as Mormons. His church grew rapidly, but some of the beliefs and practices that were done, made them be persecuted. Smith and his growing Church, left New York, in an attempt to form new Colonies; all 3 of them failed. Smith was later murdered by an anti-Mormon mob, resulting in Brigham Young taking the head of the Church.
Brigham, then chose a specific location, for the home of the Church; in Utah, near the Great Salt Lake. Thousands of Mormons migrated down the Mormon Trail, to escape the religious persecution. By 1860, there was an estimate that there was about 40,000 Mormons, were located in Utah.
The Mormons migrating to Utah, and settling, caused the area to be settled before most of the other West. It was also a major example of religious persecution in the U.S.. Even though the religion was fairly new, very few other religions had to go through what the Mormons went through. Louisiana Territory Purchase Westward Expansion Oregon Trail Mountain Men California Gold Rush The Oregon Trail was about 2000 miles long, that was started in 1845. It was made for American Settlers, who were traveling to Oregon Country. The trail challenged the strength and determination of the pioneer families, because of the diseases, weather, and other things on the trip that happend. They traveled down the Oregon trail by using wagons, that were pulled by oxen, mules, or horses. The reason they traveled down the road, was because it was the only feasible way to get across the mountain. The Oregon trail, started causing more people, to start migrating West. Mountain men were fur traders, and trappers, in the early 1800s. They were some of the first people, to go exploring, and to map the Rocky Mountains. They often lived lonely, and dangerous lives, due to their living conditions in the mountains. They trapped their own food, and lived far from settlements and towns. Mountain men made the fur trading in the United States more profitable. In 1848, John Sutter, sent one of his workers, James Marshall, to go and build a sawmill by a river, Marshall looked at the ground and picked something up. He was absolutely sure that it was gold. Marshall and Sutter, agreed to keep quiet about the gold. The next day when they went back to the work cite, a Spanish-speaking Native American exclaimed gold! Sutter's workers then quit, to go and search for gold on their own; the President at that time, added excitement to the search, as he confirmed that there was indeed, gold found in California. Around 80,000 gold seekers, traveled to California, hoping to find gold, and strike it rich. Finding this gold in California, caused its gold production, to peak at more than $60 million that year, and after two years, California became the 31st state of the United states. Battle Of San Jacinto Work Cited Second Great Awakening Indian Removal Act Texas Revolution The Alamo Mexican-American War Santa Fe Trail In 1821, the Santa Fe Trail was born. American traders were taking goods to Santa Fe, Mexico on Mules, to be traded. Half of the goods were being traded with Mexico and the other half were being traded with Americans. Goods duch as cloth, iron tools, silver coins, leather, wool, and mules were being traded on the Santa Fe Trail. Traders such as William Becknell and James Aull traded on the Santa Fe Trail. Americans traded on the Santa Fe Trail because they needed to get supplies from Mexico. This trail resulted in a profit to the United States. On May 28, 1830, President Andrew Jackson, Henry Clay, and Martin Van Buren negotiated with the Native Americans in the Southern United States for their removal to federal territory West of the Mississippi River in exchange for their homeland. The Supreme Court Justice John Marshall, approved the act it it became a law. This event took place in the United States. The Indian Removal Act happened because the United States needed land for civilization and growing crops. The United States expanded West. Deverell, William and Deborah Gray White. "United
States History Growth and Development: Beginnings to 1914." United States of America: Holt McDougal, 2010.
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19 March 2013. <http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Texas_Revolution> President of Mexico and General, Antonio López de Santa Anna and his troops were very limited on the rights they gave the Americans. This made American settlers want more rights and land. Finally on October 2, 1835, the Texas Revolution began. Texas wanted independence from Mexico. The Texas Revolution was a series of battles fought throughout the time period of 1835-1836 that took place in Texas. The American settlers didn't receive the land and rights they wanted so they fought the mexican soldiers. This resulted in a U.S. victory. The United States also received Texas. The Republic of Texas was created as a result of their victory. Mexico and America were in a war over the U.S. annexation of Texas. This war lasted from April 25, 1846 to February 2, 1848. This war took place in Texas, New Mexico, California, Mexico City, and Northern,Central, and Eastern Mexico. This war happened because Mexico still considered the U.S. annexation of Texas as their territory, despite the Texas Revolution.The affects this war had on the United States were limited. We won the war and in return, Mexico and the U.S. created the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo. The Westward Expansion happened in the early 1800s, and continued on into the late 1800s. It had lot of historic event take place; they found lots of important resources, and landforms, such as the Rocky Mountains. People who were apart of this time period, were people from Lewis and Clark, who explored the West in 1804 to James Marshall and John Sutter, who found gold in California, in 1848. The West was, and very useful to the United States, because of all of the resources it has. The Alamo began when Texas went to war with Mexico for independence. General Antonio López de Santa Anna and his troops set out for war on February 23, 1836. By March 6, 1836, Mexico won and had killed anywhere from 182-257 american settlers. The loss to Mexico was a tragedy to the U.S.. This happened because Texas was trying to become independent from Mexico, so mexican troops numbering in the thousands set out and killed a group of american settlers. This happened in present day San Antonio, Texas. People didn't like the skepticism, deism, and rational Christianity. So, in 1790 the Second Great Awakening began. It didn't gain momentum until 1800, and after 1820, membership rose rapidly. In the 1840's, it was past it's peak. After that, many Baptist and Methodist preachers and their congregation joined the movement. The Second Great Awakening took place in the United States. This increased concern over slavery and people were safer. Violence was virtually non-existent. During the Texas Revolution, the Battle of San Jacinto took place in present day Harris County, Texas or near modern La Porte, Texas. This battle took place because General and president Antonio López de Santa Anna refused to leave Texas. This battle took place on April 21, 1836 and it only took 18 minutes for Texan troops, led by General Sam Houston, to defeat Mexican troops. We in return, got Texas and General Antonio López de Santa Anna retreated to the south.
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