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Guided Reading

No description

Megan Sanchez

on 2 March 2017

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Transcript of Guided Reading

Independently read
previous text
A Week at a Glance
Guided Reading should occur every day.
Try to meet with every student every day.
Read with lowest groups FIRST.
Keep groups between 4-5 students.
Megan Sanchez &
Mary Phillips
Guided Reading
Preview New Text
State the purpose
for their reading and
the skill
you will be teaching.
Read title
of text together or echo reading
Provide a summary statement
1-2 sentence overview of the story
Create a personal connection

build a bridge between story & students
raise their interest
supports their comprehension
Picture Preview
Turn pages together and ask questions about what they see.
Try to verbalize patterns and vocabulary to foster success in their future reading.
Ask kids to
find and frame anchor words
new vocabulary words
new sight word that repeats
Segmenting sounds
Sight word review
Read the New Text
Kids read independently.
They whisper read.
Teacher listens in to one student at a time and takes notes as well as prompts.
You may stagger start or have some
kids read a page over again.
Listen to each student.
Those that finish early read the book again for practice.
Student Activity
Immediately follows reading
May be completed in literacy station.

Directly related to skill or purpose of lesson
word patterns in the text

Should involve writing
more lengthy response closer to the end
of the week

Complexity of activity varies depending on reading level
Each group looks like this:

Warm up
Preview new text
Read new text
Student Activity (writing)
most likely will follow in a station
Example Activities
Word Work
Mix and Fix
What's Missing?
Sight Word switch
Sticker/post it sight words

Cut up sentences
From the text
Based on the sentence structure.

Picture Clue Match
sentence that matches picture

with blocks (checking the book)
drawing pics on post-its

Characters & Setting
Draw and label

mCLASS stems
Objectives for our time:
Identify the components of Guided Reading.

Identify the role of the teacher and the students in a Guided Reading group.

Know how to plan appropriate lessons based on teacher observations and student needs.

Planning our GR lessons with text we will use
Teacher's Role:
Before, During, After

Set a purpose for your students in Guided Reading. Ex: fluency, comprehension
Select a strategy you will model to help the students gain confidence in that purpose.
Select appropriate text

Introduce the text based on the focus of the lesson.
Pause, Prompt, Praise
Take notes of student behaviors and areas to instruct in the future.
Leave room for skills to be practiced.

Provide students opportunity to practice new skill with guided and then independent practice. (writing should occur)
Comprehension practice.

Megan Sanchez
Mary Phillips

Purpose & skill to teach
Select text.

Prompts you will offer
Tools you will need

Word work.

We are here to support you!
Let's Make a Plan!
Ideas for Your Lesson Purpose
Concepts of Print
first & last letter of a word
uppercase and lowercase
first & last word of a sentence
one to one correspondence
sentence (the meaning of the text)
Get your mouth ready
Sound/Stretch it out
Look for chunks
Go back and read again
Use your pictures
Does that make sense?
Skip/Hop over it
recognizing sight words
putting words together as if you're talking
notice punctuation and match voice to it
retelling with book as reference
characters, setting, plot
problem and solution
mCLASS preparation
Concepts of Print:
all groups early on in the year

Strategies and Skills:
the abilities we want to instill in our students to become independent readers
Decoding the words while comprehending the text.
Monitoring their own reading for understanding.

reading with speed, accuracy, and proper expression.

Constructing meaning through interaction and involvement.
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