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The Jungle Book

No description

Ellie Verdon

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of The Jungle Book

The Jungle Book By Rudyard Kipling Summary This short story is a collection of tales set in the jungle. Many of the stories center around Mowgli, a boy raised by wolves. Mowgli's Story Mowgli is discovered in the jungle by a family of wolves, who decide to keep him and raise him. The wolf pack protects Mowgli from harm, and the Bear, Baloo, teaches him the laws of the jungle. At the climactic of the first story, Mowgli, who has grown up, saves the leader of his pack from Shere Khan, the tiger, using fire. The animals of the jungle call fire "the red flower." Mowgli then goes to live amongst humans and can never return to the jungle.

The rest of the book contains short stories about events that happened to Mowgli while he was growing up. Other Stories Besides the tale of Mowgli and the wolves, the Jungle Books contain other stories about animals in the jungle. Rikki-Tikki-Tavi One of these other stories is about Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, a mongoose who fights a cobra and is successful. The Jungle Book also contains stories such as: Toomai of the Elephants Her Majesty's Servants The White Seal "The Jungle Book" has been made into several movies throughout the 20th century. Film Adaptations In 1942, a movie was made that was semi-accurate to the book. It contained more action and adventure than in the original story. The animated version of "The Jungle Book" was made in 1967 by Walt Disney, and was intended as a children's movie. It contains some of the original plot, but much of it was changed. The most recent film of "The Jungle Book" was made in 1994. It is a live action movie and it contains more about Mowgli's life in human civilization. Works Cited "The Jungle Book." 4 November, 2012. Web. Gutenberg.org. 21 April 2013. "The Jungle Book (1942)." n.d. Web. imdb.com. 21 April 2013 "The Jungle Book (1967)." n.d. Web. imdb.com. 21 April 2013. "The Jungle Book (1994)." n.d. Web. imdb.com. 21 April 2013. Photo Sources tumblr.com ebooks.adelaide.edu.au 1942 Movie Trailer etc.usf.edu in.groups.yahoo.com imdb.com Video youtube.com
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