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8.04 The Iron Curtain Comes Down

No description

Keirstin Woods

on 1 September 2013

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Transcript of 8.04 The Iron Curtain Comes Down

8.04 The Iron Curtain Comes Down
The Fall of the Soviet Union
By: Keirstin Woods
Romanian Revolution
The Romanian Revolution occurred in Romania in 1989. The Romanian Revolution was a series of riots and protests. Romania decided to rebel against the Soviet Union and try to become independent. This rebellion turned violent, but it did end with Romania gaining its independence.
The Velvet Revolution
The Velvet Revolution occurred in 1989. This revolution was non violent. Czechoslovakia won their independence from the Soviet Union. By the year 1993, it became two separate countries.
Solidarity was a organized group of workers in Communist Poland that had common beliefs. They united together because they wanted political reforms. The workers decided to go on strike. They went on strike to demand that the workplace conditions be improved.
Fall of Berlin Wall
The Berlin Wall was a barrier between East and West Berlin. It was created to separate communist Berlin from the Western areas of Berlin. A series of protests called the Peaceful Revolution ended up causing the Berlin Wall to come down.
The Prague Spring
Alexander Dubček, a Czechoslovakia leader tried to add reforms to his country in 1968. The Soviet Union sent troops, but no one is killed. Dubček is sent to prison and no reforms were made.
There were many factors that contributed to the fall of the Soviet Union. I believe the ones with the most impact by importance were the Romanian Revolution, the Velvet Revolution, Solidarity, the Fall of the Berlin Wall, and Prague Spring. The Romanian Revolution was very violent and caused many deaths so I believe it had the most impact. Next I believe the Velvet Revolution. The Velvet Revolution lasted very long and had a major impact. Solidarity brought a political reform. The Fall of the Berlin Wall made a big impact socially. And lastly, I chose the Prague Spring because it also had a impact politically and it showed that countries under Soviet rule did not agree with them.
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