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Second Cup

No description

For School

on 2 October 2012

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Transcript of Second Cup

Tom Culligan & Frank O’Dea Creators of Second Cup Over 360 café located across the country How many franchises are there across Canada? Toronto Stock Exchange On what stock exchange(s) are the shares traded? Mississauga, Ontario, Canada Where is the head office located? What is the shortform symbol for the share? Coffee, Lettes, Tea, and baked goodies products provided by this franchise? In each drink, it is made with love and care. If you're not satisfy with your drink Second Cup will make you a new one with no fee What makes this franchise's products/services unique? What is Second Cup's Slogan? "There's a little love in every cup" What is the franchise's logo Do you have retail or hospitality experience?

Do you have any management experience?

Are you business-minded?

Do you believe in a commitment to the development of people?

Are you ready to invest your time and energy in a café?

Are you fluent in one of Canada’s official languages? Here are some questions before becoming a Franchise Partner THE FRANCHISE PARTNER PROCESS: -Building a new Second Cup café ranges between $300,000 and $400,000 -A Fee of $40,000 for a 10-year franchise agreement. SCU Getting Started -good credit rating and at least $30,000+ in working capital -You must secure your own financing. Second Cup will assist in your loan application 3% Advertising fee towards the national cooperative marketing fund ONCE OPENED AND OPERATING: 9% Royalty fee -The Second Cup Real Estate department locates all sites Location, Location, Location -Studies are carried out to determine the suitability of each site. -Second Cup handles all location negotiations -Second Cup sub-lets the property to the Franchise Partner under the same terms and conditions -No charge for a mark up on lease
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