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The Web-GIS and Knowledge Base for the Philippine Hydrologic

No description

Roel Cruz

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of The Web-GIS and Knowledge Base for the Philippine Hydrologic

a.) generally
and requires
no additional software
installation on computers

b.) open for
simultaneous access and editing
from users

c.) good version control (a single version of shapefile available locally and remotely)

Web-GIS advantages
1. The National Hydrography Dataset (USGS)

2. Philippine Geoportal (limited features like watershed)

3. World Bank's Hydrology Project for India

Sample Portals
Temporarily published on an online hosting service

Knowledge Base:

Hosted online.
Uses GeoExplorer
The Philippine Hydrologic Dataset Portal
1. App Development

2. Sharing and integration of data with partner agencies depending on MOA.
Potential Extensions
Existing Hydrologic web portals
Engr. Roel M. de la Cruz
Senior SRS
Project 4

The Web-GIS and Knowledge Base for the Philippine Hydrologic Dataset
The PHD portal
Develop different
using various geographic data models to generate different hydrologic datasets in watersheds.

PHD Objectives
detailed maps of all water resources
in the Philippines including, but not limited to,
hydrologic units, stream and river networks, dams
, and other natural and
man-made water features
extracted from
LiDAR data
and other related maps obtained from previous modeling efforts and those
generated by different agencies.

PHD Objectives
Produce a
containing calibrated parameters resulting from the Flood Modeling Component (FMC) of the DREAM project, which can be used for
water balance analysis, hydrological modeling and similar applications

PHD Objectives
d.) easier for standardization

e.) highly customizable

f.) sharing and updating of information is facilitated more quickly
Web-GIS advantages
We can setup a public and
free hydrology knowledge base
that will heighten appreciation and understanding of hydrology concepts to complement the Philippine Hydrologic Dataset
Wiki advantages
4. The WWF Hydrosheds

5. The WHYMAP Project

6.Utrecht University Hydrology Map

7. ESRI's Recommended Source of Hydro Datasets

Sample Portals
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