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Pros and cons about fungi

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bennett johnson

on 30 January 2015

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Transcript of Pros and cons about fungi

Pros and cons about fungi
this presentation discusses the pros and cons about fungi, and some types of fungi.
Important fungi/ pros of fungi
these fungi are very important to any kind of life on planet earth. There are multiple fungi pros and cons but the one I think impact humans the most is the food on. One of the fung is yeast and that helps us make bread .
Pros of fungi continued
and think anout the world with out bread! there would be no pizza there would be not hambergers well maybe. for sure no cheese hambergers because with out fungi there would be no CHEESE!
Types of fungi:zygomycota
Zygomycota includes black bread mold and molds, such as those of the genus Glomus, that form important symbiotic relationships with plants.
Types of fungi:ascomycota
Ascomycota includes yeasts, the powdery mildews, the black and blue-green molds, edible types such as the morel and the truffle.
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