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Dissolving Sugar at Different Temperatures

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Imogen Culhaci

on 30 March 2014

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Transcript of Dissolving Sugar at Different Temperatures

Dissolving Sugar at Different Temperatures

Independent Variable: The temperature of the water

Dependent Variable: The time it takes the sugar to
dissolve in the water

Control: The 25*C water (room temp)

Constant Variables: The sugar, the amount of sugar, the
cups the water will be held in, the thermometer, the
water itself (not the temperature) and the amount of

Risk Assessment
Burn myself with the hot water - Have an adult supervising

Drop the thermometer and have the mercury touch my skin giving me mercury poisoning - Use a mercury-free thermometer
The Brown Sugar
Stirring the sugar
Seeing if it's dissolved
The Idea
Aim: To see whether sugar dissolves faster in hot water or cold water.

Hypothesis: The 20g of sugar will dissolve faster in the hot water (95*C)

My experiment has room for improvement and if I was to do it again I would add a few more temperatures to ensure that my hypothesis was valid and I would find another way of measuring my experiment. For example, instead of using my eyes to determine when the sugar was properly dissolved I would maybe use a very fine sieve or have something to compare it to.

My findings relate to the real world as when you add sugar to a hot cup of coffee it dissolves a lot quicker than it would if you were to put sugar into cold lemonade.

I have an idea...
Temperatures: 25*C (room temp), 45*C, 95*C
Put 20g of brown sugar in each temperature and then average out the time it took for the sugar to dissolve to get the final time. There will be 180mL cup of water in each cup.
Mercury-free thermometer
Foam cups x9
Brown sugar
Metal teaspoon
Measuring cup for 20g
3/4 measuring cup

25*C (control)
4:47 mins
4:15 mins
4:14 mins
Av= 4:25 mins
1 min
1:14 mins
56 secs
Av= 1:09 mins
19 secs
16 secs
18 secs
Av= 17 secs
My aim was to see whether sugar dissolves faster in hot water or cold water. My results show that as the temperature of water increases the rate at which the sugar dissolves decreases.
I think that my experiment successfully supported my hypothesis but for future experiments I would suggest testing a few more temperatures to ensure that your hypothesis is valid.
Short Video of the experiment
Full transcript