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Smart Response PE Training

No description

Jennifer Roe

on 7 July 2013

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Transcript of Smart Response PE Training

SMART Response PE
The schoolwide technology survey indicated that the student response systems are being underused due to lack of knowledge in how to best implement them.
Setting Up Your
SMART Response PE
1. Set up remotes.
You will need 2 AA batteries per remote and a small Phillips screwdriver. Remove the back cover and insert the batteries (SMART Technologies, n.d., p. 4)
2. Ensure that the SMART Response software is installed.
Most of our school's computers already have the software installed. Look for the following icon:
If the software is not yet installed, insert the enclosed software DVD into your computer's CD drive and follow the instructions on the installation wizard that will pop up.
3. Connect the receiver.
Insert the USB cable from the receiver into a USB port on your computer. When inserted, a light on the receiver will turn on.
Creating SMART Response Questions
Creating Quizzes in SMART Notebook
Click the link to watch a video:
Creating Instant Questions in SMART Notebook
Click the link to watch a video:
Inserting a
pre-created quiz from Microsoft Word
Creating a Class Roster
You will need:

Students' first and last names
Student ID numbers

1. Click the SMART Response Icon
2. Click the Teacher Tools Icon
3. Create new gradebook by filling out the form.
4. Click the "Add a Class" button and fill out the form.
5. Click the "Students" tab and click the top line. Fill in the information for each student. You can also import the information from a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet.
Giving Assessments

1. Open your Teacher Tools and click on the class you want to give the quiz to and click "Start Class". You can also leave it in anonymous mode.
2. Have students turn on their remotes and enter their ID numbers to sign in. When they have properly signed in, they should see "Welcome to" your class, their name.
3. Open the SMART Notebook document containing the quiz you want them to take.
4. In the document, click on the SMART Response tab and click "Start Assessment."
5. Have students answer the questions using the keypads on their remotes.
6. After all the questions have been answered, click the SMART Response tab and click "Stop Assessment".
View Results
Follow Up:
E-mail me with a screenshot of your Teacher Tools (in privacy mode) after you have given your first assessment.
If you need further assistance, please e-mail me.
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