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Quynnii Mileham

on 25 March 2015

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Transcript of Plants

Monocots and Dicots
Monocots-One cotyledon inside seed. Example- corn, rice, and pineapples.
Dicots-Two cotyledon inside seed. Example-peanuts, apples, and maple trees.
Characteristics of a seed plant
Vascular Tissue
Produces Seeds
Plants that seeds are not protected by fruit
Example-Bristlecone Pine Tree
Plant that produces fruit with multiple seeds
Example- Peaches
Importance of seed plants
Life would be a lot different without seed plants. No paper, no books, to make paper you need wood pulp from trees which are seed plants. It wouldn't be to hard to pick out what to wear because clothes are made from cotton. No cotton, no clothes. So seed plants are
Products of a seed plant
Without seed plants we wouldn't have a lot of the things we've come accustomed to like different foods, chocolate, cotton cloth, linen, rubber,medicine, soap, lumber and paper. That's just a few but seed plants are a big part of our daily lives when you think about it.
By Jack
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