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A Christmas Carol

No description

Devan Kavalchek

on 5 December 2013

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Transcript of A Christmas Carol

A Christmas Carol
There are many different and fun activities that you can do when you are camping. Here are some of them.
In Victorian England, there was formal dancing. Then in around 1912, dancing broke into a more of a casual ballroom dancing.
Water Activities
Some actualities were camping, cooking, hiking, bonfires, ghost stories, and maybe even tracking.
Boating was a popular sport in Victorian England for those who could afford it.
Some people went to the beach, but most women didn't swim. Their swimsuits looked fairly similar to the ones we wear today.
When you are camping most people
like to cook over a fire. The most
common things to cook are
marshmallows, smores, and hotdogs.
Formal Ballroom Dancing
Ballroom dancing started around 1820 in Cotillion. Cotillion is where boys and girls went to learn about formal dance and ballroom dance.
More Casual Ballroom Dancing
Towards the 1900's, ballroom dancing started to get a little more free-spirited. Some people started adding there own touch to it. Then soon after, everybody started adding what they wanted.
Types Of Music
Romantic music was very common in this era. If you listen closely you can here an example of music in the background
Famous Musicians
Some famous musicians are Sir Arthur Sullivan and Richard Wagner. Sir Arthur Sullivan made a song for Shakespeare "The Tempest"

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