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Know more about DRUGS: concept, kinds, addiction and consequences.

Andrea Cruz

on 31 May 2013

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Transcript of Drugs

las drogas Meanings: 1. A chemical substance that affects the processes of the mind or body. 2. Any chemical compound used in the diagnosis,
treatment, or prevention of disease or other
abnormal condition. 3. A substance used recreationally for its
effects on the central nervous system,
such as a narcotic. Kinds of Drugs - Stimulants: have an effect on your central nervous system. This increases your brain activity, making you excited and energetic - Depressants: depressant drugs have the opposite effect on your central nervous system, slowing down your brain activity. You may become lethargic. - Hallucinogenics: are drugs that
distort the things you see and hear. - Analgesics: are painkilling drugs Beginning, ways and
places of consumption: - Experimental consumption: The motivations can be several: curiosity, pressure of the group, attraction of the prohibited thing and the risk, search of the pleasure and the stranger, and increase of the supply, among others. - Occasional consumption: It happens without regularity it fixes and with long intervals of abstinence. - Habitual consumption: It supposes a frequent use of the drug. - Abusive consumption: The individual needs the substance and all their life turns around this one in spite of the complications that can cause to him. When people become
addicted Drug addiction treatment and recovery Decide to make a
change . Change is never easy and committing to sobriety involves changing many things, including: - the way you deal with stress

-who you allow in your life

-what you do in your free time

-how you think about yourself Addiction recovery support groups - pick up a new hobby
- adopt a pet
- get involved in your communiy
- set meaningful goals
- look after your health - María Alejandra Arroyo Arroyo
- Briana Paola Chinchilla Castro
-María Andrea Cruz Oliva
-Madelyn Merary Tello 6th. Accountant
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