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Sara Pastor

on 25 May 2017

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We work for the protection of HRDs
We work with local partnerships
Trying to empower, not to substitute
PI seeks collaboration at local, national, regional, and international level with HRD and HR Organisations, but also with likeminded national institutions and inter-governmental organisations.
Human rights defenders at risk need access to effective security and protection methods. Protection International goes where defenders need such support.
Capacity building
We work to improve the protection of Human Rights Defenders
participated and contributed
to the discussions for the adoption of the
EU Strategic Framework and Action Plan for Human Rights and Democracy
(2012), as well as the
EU Guidelines for LGBTI and Freedom of Religion and Belief
PI has worked in over 30 countries...
joining them in defining protection tactics and their operationalisation.
Protection International sets up Protection Desks in countries or regions where defenders are at particular risk
Researching good protection practice and challenges in protection; translating our findings into manuals, reports and other tools
making them accessible to human rights defenders in other parts of the world
PI works with human rights defenders facing risks as a result of their legitimate work (and right) of defending human rights
We work with criminalised HRDs
Stigmatisation of HRDs (often compared to terrorists or criminals) also aims at reducing the support they enjoy.
Women defending human rights
Journalists often reveal human rights violations that would otherwise remain undiscovered. This exposure makes them more vulnerable to end up in the firing line of perpetrators of those violations.
They are often perceived as a threat to social order, which results in marginalisation, discrimination and sometimes attack (by the government, or more often by hostile segments in society, with the government standing by).
LGBTI defenders
Exploitation of natural resources often arises in ways that violate the human rights and fundamental freedom of local communities.
When communities start organising themselves to defend their rights, they find themselves opposing powerful private and public interests. Community leaders and members may become the targets of harassment, threats and even aggression.
Impunity is a major obstacle for the enjoyment of Human Rights.
Most judicial programs for the protection of victims and witnesses do not support the women/men in the middle: the Human Rights defenders.
Defenders living and working in remote and rural areas are particularly at risk because of their isolation
They lack access to key actors in protection, and often have little or no access to communication means, transport and information.
While working globally, we always ensure that our approach is local: focusing on the specific challenges and needs of human rights defenders in their own realities.
We work in the field
They are prone to abuses from both state and non-state actors, including members of their own community or family
Often perceived as a threat by those viewing their work as running against the social order

Protection International researches the trend of criminalisation of HRDs in order to understand underlying patterns. This informs strategies to manage the multiple risks involved.
Building the capacities of individual defenders, organisations, networks, and communities
Protection International
helps these human rights defenders

To Human Rights Defenders
From Human Rights Defenders
PI supports human rights defenders by
We work in a full circle
To keep the contact on the ground, PI works through local presence
In 2013, PI has provided
39 capacity building processes
in which
315 HRD
are trained in
security management
, ways of working and attitude of how to organize their security and protection
Through our Protection Desks
no less than 3,000 defenders
have benefited from increased protection through
capacity building initiatives
on physical and digital security management
PI has
strengthened community networks in rural areas
(Guatemala, Colombia) through
accompaniment, risk assessment and security tools
Since many years, the staff of Protection International, through its
Research, Policy and Training Unit
, has sought to
systematize its protection work
carried out in very different contexts.

We have published several
and studies based on lessons learned in order to develop
best practices
and make them freely available online for civil society organizations
Advocating for Nation-States to fulfill their obligation to protecting human rights defenders,
Postgraduate Diploma on Integral Protection for Human Rights Defenders and Social Activists
PI offers the first international Postgraduate program addressing the need to protect HRDs:
Protection International has been involved since 1998 in the research and the development of
new tactics and tools for the protection of human rights defenders.

PI has made significant contributions to the recognition of human rights defenders as actors of positive social change over the years.
There is a right to defend human rights
using the UN Declaration on Human Rights Defenders and other international, regional or national legal instruments and mechanisms as channels and standards
in order to analyse risk and improve their security
PI integrates different approaches of protection, including the
mental well-being of defenders.
The level of exposure to violence is dangerously high for defenders.
Therefore, PI has been conducting a
project on stress management
and the prevention
of secondary trauma through
PI has become a source of expertise on public mechanisms for the protection of human rights defenders.
PI has collaborated with the
Inter- American Court of HHRR
expert reports
on the national mechanisms for the protection of HRDs in Honduras and Guatemala
PI contributed to the establishment of protection mechanism for journalists and defenders in Mexico
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