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No description

Kaleigh Kalb

on 20 December 2012

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Transcript of shkk502-QN,GR

hi Thanks for watching! Queen Nefertiti
Grave Robbers Grave number 62 is king Tut's tomb that was robbed two times, and then forgot about.This is the tomb that still had treasure. The Valley of the Kings had tombs
and only one had treasure in it. *Nefertiti"s body has not yet been found
*Queen Nefertiti died in 1330 B.C. *Queen Nefertiti 's military achievements gave her great power and wealth
*Nefertiti disappeared after ruling for 12 years along side King Amenhotep 4th She was known for her elegant beauty By:Kaleigh Kalb
and Shane Hopfner The robbers had to be
very clever because if they were caught they would sometimes be left tied to a stick to die there. *Queen Nefertiti was born In 1370 BC.
*She was 12-15 when she married King Amenhotep 4th.
*She was Egypt's most beautiful queen.
*Her name means"the beautiful one has come." To be clever, they had to crawl in the most awkward places like this tomb. Robbers had to know all the paseges or they could get lost and die.
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