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Jack Keller

on 18 November 2014

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Transcript of THE ROMAN ARMY

Military weapons and armor
Roman Stratigies
Romans had many stratigies such as the one shown here, which is called repel cavelry.
BY: Jeb Garret, Jack Keller, Brendan Wood, Nicholas Chisholm And Isaac Lee
Here is an example
of Roman soldiers
with there armor on.
What interests me
the most is that the
Romans would wear
sandals into battle
even when fighting
in winter. The sandals
have medal spikes
so they can step on
people to hurt them.
Roman Weapons
Catapult in the foreground that could hurl rocks and flaming darts into the walls of a city this weapon would be used in siege.
If a enemy weapon killed a legionary successfully then the Romans would make it one of their own weapons
The gladius or hispanic sword was the sword the Romans used and they called it the iconic sword this was one of the main weapons
More Roman Weapons
A pilum is a heavy javelin this is one of the main weapons
A hasta a latin word meaning spear and that weapon was the first and last main weapon
Sometimes the Romans would go from throwing axes to bows which they called a Plumbata.
A balista looks like a big crossbow but shoots out rocks this would be used in siege

A larger strategies like this one shown here can be very powerful
Triple line
Extended line
The wedge
Larger Strategies
In the Roman army soldiers were seperated into sections. These sections were called legions. In each legion there were 5,000 men. The Roman Millitary had about 30 legions .
Sorting Soldiers
Roman Training
Romans had to train under all circumstances
They also had to train with dummy weapons at first
They had to know how to set up camp like tents
The romans sometimes trained with older soldiers with more expeirence
Helmet- made of iron with bronze fittings
Belt- covered with metal plates. An apron of metal discs on leather straps hang from it
Shields- made of wood covered with leather
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Famous Generals

Ceasar is one of the most famous generals
Scipio was a general who won the second Punic war
Flavious Aetius held Rome together when it was falling apart

Daily Life
A Roman soldiers pay was only one denarius daily, a denarius is a small silver coin
The ages you started and finished on when you were a Roman soldier is 17 to 46
Marriage for Roman soldiers was discouraged or forbidden
I accidentally said 50,000 men in a legion in the prezi while i was talking srry
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