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CTSS_CPA_3A3 (Xinwei) Computers and Productivity

CPA CEL1 (page 81~108) LIKE THIS PLS

Mr Shortie

on 6 April 2011

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Transcript of CTSS_CPA_3A3 (Xinwei) Computers and Productivity

Computers and Productivity Mass Production is so common nowadays that some parts in your daily appliances may acturally come for tge same factory. That is why the computers that you use are cheaper nowadays because of mass production. Because a production line has many steps, it requires a large number of peopleto support these steps. Repetitive boring work Work in a production line is repetitive and tends to be boring. Automation occurs when
machines are used to carry out a process or an activity
with minimum human effort or supervision.

One common way to achieve automation is by using machines that contain embedded processors.

Embedded processors are found on circuit boards of computerised machines. Such machines include computers and robots. What Are Mass Productions?? What are Disadvantages of Using Mass Production?? Required a large workforce What are Automation?? Automation can overcome these disadvantages How to Achieve Automation?? What are processors?? A processor is a part of the computer that follows instructions and carries out actions. It is like the "Brain" of the computer What are publishing?? Publishing is the activity of putting informationin the public arena
(e.g. newspapers, megazines and books) What are printing?? Printing is part of publishing. It is an industrial process for the production of text and imafws wirh ink on paper using a printing press. Benefits of using computers in publishing Graphics can be changed easily than before. In the past, graphics are drawn on paper, once inked It's difficult to correct. What Is Artificial intelligence? Artificial Intelligence is known as AI.

AI is a relatively new branch of science. Its Aim is to create a machine that finds solution to complex problem. Why Do they create AI? Current research on AI focuses on mimicking the way of a human brain work.

Scientists predict that computers will be capable in the future.
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