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Copy of Build Your Ideas - Free Prezi Template

Illustrate how you build your ideas with this free Prezi Template including Construction Machinery visuals. Download from Prezibase.com or save a copy right here

Dinah B

on 14 April 2015

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Transcript of Copy of Build Your Ideas - Free Prezi Template

Brain at work
The Tower of PISA
BY: Dinah
. Italian Torre pendente di Pisa
.The cathedral of Italian city of Pisa
.The third oldest structure in Pisa Cathedral Square (Piazza Del Duomo)
.Bell tower

. It was stabilized in the late 20th and early 21st centuries
.The width of the walls at the base is 2.44m(8ft 0.06
.The height on the low side of the Pisa 55.8 metres(183.27feet)
.From the high side 56.67 metres(185.93 feet)
.Its weight is estimated at 14,500 metres ton(16,000
short tons)
.296 or 294 steps
.angle of 5.5 degrees but the tower now leans at about 3.99 degrees
The top of the tower 3.9 metre (12 feet 10 inches)

. White marble Stone
. Province - Pisa
.Nation - Italy
. Continent - Europe
.Region -Tuscany
-Bonanno Pisano(is Italian, also born inPisa,Italy and died in the 1800s

-An Italian sculptor(an artist who makes art with materials)

-Started in 1173 and finished in 1399

-The construction was stopped twice, the first time for 100 years

-Pisans solidifided
(liquid turn into a solid)
the tower since there was water underground

- Pisano
(the one made the tower) was buried)
some where around the leaning tower when he died

WHY and Function
-It was built as a freestanding bell tower because when the Pisans attacked the island of Sicily, Montreal in 1603 and the Pisans won the fight and celebrated by giving the tower of Pisa treasure
- Also, it was built to display the people of Pisa that they control or defeated , Morocco, Spain and more
-There are many leaning building in Pisa cause of their ''soft ground''(Pisan didn't have good foundation)
- 15 marble arches
-six stories contains 30 arches that surround the tower
-the bell chamber itself has 16 arches
-There is a 297 steps heading to the top
-Its curved from the attempts by architects to keep it from leaning more
Form and Design
This how it looks like inside the tower of Pisa
Three Cathedral
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