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Campbell's Soup Co.

No description

Czarina Kelly

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Campbell's Soup Co.

Campbell's Soup Company
Financial Analysis
Company/ Industry

Recent Years
Campbell's acquires leading dry soup brands in Europe: Oxo, Batchelors, Heisse Tasse, Bla Band, Royco

Snack Foods (Australia)
Erin Foods (Ireland)
Erasco (Germany)
Liebig (France)
Arnott's (Australia)
Campbell expands overseas to Canada and the UK
V-8 Vegetable juice is acquired
Company begins trading on the New York Stock Exchange
Campbell launches into the Mexican and Australian markets

The company officially adopts the name Campbell's Soup Company
Other brand has joined Campbell family: Franco-American Food Company

"Nourishing people's lives everywhere, everyday"
Joseph A. Campbell Preserve Company
Marketing Concerns
Fruit merchant Joseph Campbell and icebox manufacturer Abraham Anderson
Camden, NJ
Product Mix & Diversification
The Campbell's Story
The Campbell's Soup Company
Vanessa Bautista
Michael DiTore
Czarina Kelly

Minh Nguyen
Parth Patel
Christina Robins

Companies Acquired & Products Introduced
"M'm M'm Good!" Goes International
Price: $42.42( 11/15/2013)
52 week range: 34.30-48.83
50 Day Moving Average: $41.70
Market Cap: 13.6B
P/E Ratio: 19.75
Dividend Yield: $1.25 (2.9%)
Beta: 0.47

Revenue Estimates

Latest Campbell Stories
"Campbell to Launch More Than 200 New Products in Fiscal 2014"
Soups and simple meals
Creating a new dinner sauce category
Pepperidge Farm Goldfish expands into new territory
Getting refreshed with V8 juices
Campbell International
4 P's of Campbell's
Retail Food Chains
Mass discounters
Mass merchandisers
Club stores
Convenience stores
Drug stores
Commercial and non-commercial establishments
Depending on the product, prices vary. Examples of Campbell's prices:
• Condensed soup market is not one that is highly priced, most of their soups are reasonably priced. Most soups priced in the $1-3 range
• Pepperidge Farm prices slightly higher
• V8 and Bolthouse farms prices are highest. Appealing to the organic consumer willing to pay a little more

Can be done any time of the year, soups particularly during colder months (east coast)
Television commercials and internet are largest platforms. Digital has risen 40% in last year
Large partnership with the NFL utilizing their Chunky Soup brand

Research & Development
-Last year Campbell's spent 128 million on R&D
- Summer of 2013: Carlos Barroso hired to lead their global R&D
- Incorporation of Twitter, Spotify, Facebook, and FunnyOrDie.com through new Campbells Go Soups campain
- New $30 million "innovation center" in Norwalk, Conneticut opened
Recent Accomplishments
Campbell receives Catalyst Award, in honor of the company's success in helping women develop and advance their careers at Campbell.
Campbell unveils its new Employee Center as part of a $93 million expansion of its world headquarters in Camden, N.J.
Denise Morrison becomes President and CEO of Campbell Soup Company. She is the 12th leader in the company's history.
New $30 million "innovation center" in Norwalk, Connecticut for its Pepperidge Farm brand, which includes kitchens and pilot production lines for creating small batches of prospective new products.
Strategic Management
CSR (corporate social responsibility)
Sustainable Management
Community Affairs
Diversification (Product Mix)
Sustainable Agriculture
Responsible Sourcing
Promotion of Human Health
Sound and Affordable Nutrition

Campbell's Soup Recipe
for Financial Reporting
Core soup business is stable
Launching new products, improving existing ones
Pepperidge Farms picks up shelf space
Why Hold?
Under performed in Industry Ratios
Competitors above Industry Ratio
Risky product mix
Massive diversification: brand acquisitions
New entrance in foreign markets
Q & A
Dwindling market share has forced Campbells' Soup to seek
entrance in newly emerging markets
Aging company turns to
product innovation and brand building to increase its customer base and profitability

Need for aquiring companies with
health conscious brand associations
Expand and diversify through company acqusitions:
Plum Organics, V8 Juices, Pepperidge Farm and Bolthouse Farms
Thank you for your attention
Assets: $75 Billion
Assets: $22 Billion

"Intense competitive activity in a sluggish shelf stable juice category"
Marketing Objectives
cuisine preferences
sophisticated consumer
demands wider variety of soup/food products
Redesign product to appeal to younger "on-the-go" consumers lifestyles:
Replaced iconic red & white can

Dividend History
Bolthouse Farms / Plum Organics

Sales: 19.2 / 8.97
Return on Equity: 43.31% / 26.43%
Asset Turnover: 1.08 / 0.91
Net Income: -16.1 / 31.56
Net Profit Margin: 5.69% / 8.47%
Return on Assets: 6.17 / 7.7
Debt ratio: 2.09 / 1.28
Liabilities: $43 Billion
Liabilities: $16 Billion
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